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A very modern addiction

Our current generation of teenagers has been labelled Generation Z, but they are also known as ‘the Internet Generation’. So named because these children have never experienced life without the Internet. These ‘digital natives’ (another nickname) are possibly the most intuitive users of the Internet, and certainly among the most prolific. A 2008 Australian Government.. Read more

Facebook for teenagers – a parent’s guide

Ready for a staggering statistic? Almost half of all Australians are on Facebook. Chances are your teenagers are using it, and you probably are too. Facebook has ‘friended’ us big time, and it seems we’ve given it the big ‘Like’ thumbs up. But there are still plenty of parents who do not use the site,.. Read more

Exam stress – how to help your child

If your teenager experiences exam stress, one of the best things you can do as a parent or carer is to try to be as supportive and tolerant as possible. Reassure them that there are more important things in life and that this is only part of the story. Let your child know you will.. Read more

Teens with more screen time have lower quality relationships

The more time teens spend watching television or playing on a computer, the more likely they are to report difficulty forming a relationship or emotional bond with their parents. The risk of having low attachment to parents increased 4 per cent for every hour spent viewing television and 5 per cent for every hour spent.. Read more

Teens who feel responsible to their parents are more engaged in school

As children enter high school, their engagement in school can decline, followed by their achievement. But a study has found that young people who said they felt responsible to their parents were more invested and engaged in school and often earned higher grades, independent of the quality of the parent-child relationship. Responsibility was defined as.. Read more

What makes a good mum: teens have their say

From the mouths of teens, here are some of their thoughts on what makes a good mum: Teens want their mums to be someone who cares for them, who is understanding and dependable no matter what they do. Meg (16) feels that a good mum should be: “someone who’s there for you, someone you can.. Read more

Early sex may lead to less antisocial behaviour later

Teens who have sex at an early age may not be on the path to self-ruin, but it seems the outcomes might be more positive for those in a committed relationship rather than indulging in casual sex. RELATED: Teenagers and sex – are they emotionally ready? A study has found that teens who have sex.. Read more

‘Mum, Dad… I’m gay.’ What happens next?

How would you react if your teenager approached you one day with the news they are gay? Even the most understanding and liberal-minded parents may be caught off-guard, and not know what to think, say or do next. Most parents will hold fears for their child, and perhaps even themselves, concerned about what others might.. Read more

Is your teen addicted to the Internet?

So, your teenager spends a lot of time online. Most do. We might even joke that they’re ‘addicted’ to Facebook, Tumblr, or World of Warcraft. But as Australian child/adolescent psychiatrist Dr Philip Tam suggests in this article, if your teen’s internet use is taking over their life they may have a serious problem. In recent.. Read more