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What happened when 24 teens gave up screens for a week

When teacher Thea Nicholas pitched the idea that her students go screen-free for a week, it was as popular as a flat iPod. “You can imagine the look of disgust on their face when I first told them. Giving up screens is like chopping off their arm – they are completely dependent on them.” With.. Read more

Australian teens pressured to ‘sext’

Teenage boys and girls report experiencing media and peer pressure to share sexual images via mobile phones, a practice known as ‘sexting’. Preliminary findings from a University of Melbourne study revealed young people believe a highly sexualised media culture bombarded them with sexualised images, creating pressure to engage in sexting. The boys interviewed for the.. Read more

Don’t be your teenager’s ‘drinking buddy’, says study

Parents who allow their teenagers to drink alcohol while supervised may be creating more drinking-related consequences for their teens down the track. This was the finding from a recent study of Australian and American teenagers, surveyed over three years from Year 7 to Year 9. The study also challenged the theory that teens will learn.. Read more