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How NOT to host a teenage party

Margie* is a sensible, responsible mum of two teenagers. In this article, she shares her experience of hosting a teenage party that quickly went out of control, an experience she refers to as her ‘epic fail’. From the posting of details on Facebook through to trashed neighbours’ yards and the arrival of the police, this is.. Read more

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IQ can change significantly during adolescence

IQ, the standard measure of intelligence, can increase or fall significantly during our teenage years, according to new research, and these changes are associated with changes to the structure of our brains. The findings may have implications for testing and streaming of children during their school years. Over the four year study, Professor Cathy Price.. Read more

Girls with family history of breast disease should avoid alcohol

We already know that research has linked alcohol with breast cancer risk. Now, a new study shows that adolescent girls with a family history of breast disease have a higher risk of developing benign breast disease as young women than other girls, and that this already-elevated risk rises with increasing alcohol consumption. “The most common.. Read more

The link between alcohol and pop music

Teenagers are being heavily exposed to alcohol brand references in popular music, especially in rap, R&B and hip hop songs. With most references associating with positive consequences, researchers say this may constitute a form of alcohol advertising to underage teens. A study of 793 of the most popular songs in the youth market between 2005.. Read more