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7 holiday workshop ideas for teens

School holidays are a great opportunity to relax, unwind from the busy school term, and do nothing much more than recharge the batteries. But six weeks is a long time of doing nothing, especially if your teen’s idea of relaxing is spending 12 hours in front of the computer. It’s time to consider the holiday.. Read more

Arguments at school may cause arguments at home

The next time you and your teen have an argument on a school night, take the opportunity to check-in on what’s happened for your child during the school day. Chances are they’ve already had a war of words with friends before arriving home. A new study has found that that adolescents have more arguments with.. Read more

Who’s ‘sexting’ who?

Despite parental concerns and media hype, a new study is claiming that the practice of ‘sexting’ is not particularly common amongst teenagers. The University of New Hampshire found that about 1% of surveyed teens had participated in ‘sexting’ – sending sexually explicit images via mobile phone or internet – in the past year. Researchers surveyed.. Read more

Tips for gifts AND parties

Word is the new iPod Nano and the Xbox Kinect will be bestsellers for teens this Christmas. But at $150 and $300 respectively, we thought you might like some ideas for presents that come in UNDER $100.  Check out the following: our gift guides for teenage girls and guys e-cards and last minute gifts for.. Read more

11 tips for a successful teen party

In an earlier guest post, Margie* shared her story of a teenage party that went horribly wrong, and ended with scores of gatecrashers, paddy wagons on the front lawn, and damage to property. In this post, Margie shares some tips learnt from that experience and how she went on to hold a successful 17th birthday.. Read more

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