Tips for gifts AND parties

Word is the new iPod Nano and the Xbox Kinect will be bestsellers for teens this Christmas. But at $150 and $300 respectively, we thought you might like some ideas for presents that come in UNDER $100.  Check out the following:

Justin Bieber’s first ever Christmas album is sure to fill a few stockings this year too. ‘Bieber Fever’ is showing no signs of cooling down. In fact, search engine Bing said its number one searched term in 2011 was Justin Bieber, up from 3rd place last year. Can you belieb he’s becoming MORE popular?

And finally, a BIG thank you to reader Margie. Over the past few weeks Margie has shared with us the story of a party she held for her teenage son that went terribly wrong, and then the 11 lessons she learned from that experience that meant her next teen party was a big success. Judging by the comments these stories have received, you appreciate being able to learn from other parents’ experiences.




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