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Why schools and corporate brands shouldn’t mix

The furore following the announcement that Jenny Craig CEO Amy Smith would address a gathering of hundreds of girls’ school teachers has once again brought the uncomfortable issue of corporate presence in schools to light. The public response – that school groups should not be seen to endorse the dieting industry – is certainly warranted… Read more

When my daughter came out – Ann’s story

This year, much loved Australian performer Magda Szubanski came out to the public, and revealed that she’d felt suicidal as a gay teenager. Sadly, hers is not an uncommon story. Many teenagers are afraid of coming out and how it might change their relationships with family and with friends and other kids at school. Parents.. Read more

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Film about tragic party is changing teen thinking

An award-winning, hard-hitting Australian short film about a teenager’s party with tragic consequences is changing teen viewers’ behaviour around drinking and parties. The Gathering tells the story of a group of friends who organise a spontaneous ‘gathering’ when parents are away for the weekend. Fuelled by an abundance of alcohol and gatecrashers, events spiral out.. Read more

Geek dad busts teenage daughter’s party

A self-confessed ‘geek’ accidently busted his teenage daughter holding a party in their family home in Adelaide, while he was 800 km away in Geelong. David Rowetel was interstate with his wife, his kids were staying elsewhere and his home was supposed to be vacant. But while out to dinner, David decided to check his.. Read more

Parents too worried to let kids ride to school

On national Ride2School Day, we bring you news that only one in ten children ride to school, even though 80% of parents think it would improve their kids’ health. A new survey released by the Cycling Promotion Fund and the National Heart Foundation of Australia found that: Nearly two-thirds of parents said they would let.. Read more

Lighting up the screen – how films influence teen smokers

By Rachel Hynes. I handed a bunch of DVDs to my teenager recently. They were classic 80s/90s films I thought she would enjoy – The Breakfast Club, Footloose, Reality Bites. I told her, “You’ll probably notice lots of smoking”. She came back to me later and said “No wonder you all smoked, it looks cool”. .. Read more

Homework: an exercise in futility

Guest post by Shambolic Living. How much homework goes on in your house? Are you a fan of the after-school revision, assignments and projects? Or do you resent the impact homework is having on your family life? At the risk of launching into a full-blown rant I have to state my view of homework: it.. Read more

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Don’t peak at high school

For kids who are bullied, high school can be seriously awful. No longer contained to the hours of 9 to 3, the attacks – or ostracism – can continue into the evening via social media. But as various, successful Australians – like Megan Washington – have proven, these difficult experiences can propel you to great.. Read more

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Do teenagers need a vitamin supplement?

Exam stress, insufficient sleep, poor diet, growth spurts… the teen years can be tough on the body. If your teenager is burning the candle at both ends, you might be wondering if they should be supplementing their diet with a multi-vitamin? The billion-dollar supplement industry has created multi-vitamin products for just about every sub-group of.. Read more

The Hunger Games: What you need to know

As we flagged in last week’s blog post, Katniss Everdeen no role model for teenage girls, The Hunger Games film is about to be released worldwide, and it’s going to be HUGE. Based on the 2008 young adult best-seller by Suzanne Collins, the film has broken box office records for first day ticket sales (before.. Read more