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How to make the most of parent teacher nights

Parent teacher nights can be stressful experiences. Both for your teenager, who may be sitting there nervously waiting for the guillotine to drop, and for yourselves, as you struggle to find your way around an unfamiliar campus, to line up for a few minutes with a teacher, only to find you’ve missed your slot because.. Read more

Blood test can diagnose major depression in teens

A scientist has developed the first blood test to diagnose major depression in teens, which could also lead to a more personalised course of treatment and reduce the stigma associated with depression. The estimated rates of major depressive disorder jump from 2 to 4 percent in pre-adolescent children to 10 to 20 percent by late.. Read more

Speed and ecstasy associated with depression in teenagers

Teenagers who used speed or ecstasy at 15 or 16 were significantly more likely to suffer elevated depressive symptoms the following year. This was the finding of a five-year study conducted with thousands of teenagers by University of Montreal researchers. “Our results reveal that recreational MDMA and meth/amphetamine use places typically developing secondary school students.. Read more

Energy drink binge leaves teens with more than a hangover

Manufacturers of energy drinks are coming under pressure from governments and regulatory bodies following concerns about the health impacts of their products on teenagers and other at-risk groups. Typically, drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Mother and Cocaine contain a cocktail of caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone and sugar. And they are heavily promoted to shift workers,.. Read more

I don’t want to have sex with your daughter

Hi girlfriend’s-father, Just like to tell you that I plan on taking your daughter to a movie tonight. We’re going to go see The Hunger Games, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. After the movie, we’ll go grab some kebabs or something but not from the shop that gave five people food poisoning a couple.. Read more

Don’t punish me for my friends’ behaviour

On day 4 of our National Youth Week teen writing event, Alex (15) asked parents to not judge their kids by their friends. I have a lot of friends who have WAY too much leeway. It’s probably not that their parents couldn’t care less, it’s more so they just don’t have the time to deal.. Read more

Public versus private education

On day 3 of our National Youth Week teen writing event, Phoebe (17) explored how she feels about her public education. State or private education: which is better? Undoubtedly you as parents have some kind of stance on this issue. My parents chose a state school for me despite being quite well off. I can.. Read more

We’re not all bad

During National Youth Week 2012, we asked teenagers to tell us parents something we need to know. This is what Resi, 14, wrote for us. It’s almost insulting how little you trust my friends and I. You say it’s because it’s just to protect me but if protecting me means not letting me go to.. Read more

Parents: Don’t teach your child to fear people

During National Youth Week this year, we asked teenagers to tell us parents something we need to know. Jamie, 14, wrote the following. I feel like it is an unhealthy thing for parents to not trust their children or believe in them. I think it sends the wrong message to children that they should fear.. Read more

Family dinner important through teen years

Getting the family to sit at the dinner table, at the same time, is a challenge. But it could be key to heading off problems such as eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in the teenage years. RECIPE LINK: Check out our collection of easy family dinner recipes Family meals promote healthy eating A team.. Read more