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How to set up teens for a healthy relationship with alcohol

By Steve Allsop, Curtin University Young Australians are exposed to a range of risks from alcohol, both from drinking themselves and other people’s use. According to the most recent National Drug Strategy Household Survey: A third of 14- to 19-year-olds drank at levels that put them at risk of injury at least once during the.. Read more

School suspension counterproductive

A Professor of Psychology wants schools to stop using suspension as a disciplinary tactic, saying it is counterproductive. “Schools might need to rethink the way they discipline children, because commonly used practices such as detention and suspension may do more harm than good,” says Professor Sheryl Hemphill from Australian Catholic University. Studies have found that.. Read more

Parent responds: 20 things a secondary teacher wants to say to parents

A popular article on The Kids Are All Right website this week was 20 things a secondary teacher wants to say to parents. In writing this list, teacher Paul Whitehead said he understood that he’d be “opening the door for ’20 things parents want to say to their child’s teacher’”. Challenge accepted! (In part.) Here.. Read more

20 things teacher wants to say to parents

By Paul Whitehead. Can we have an honest conversation? I promise, I am not “representing the teaching fraternity” by writing this… I haven’t consulted with my colleagues; in fact they may well feel VERY differently from the views I express here. I do want to express some of my thoughts from my own teaching experiences.. Read more

‘You’re grounded’ and other futile punishments

There’s been a spate of ‘groundings’ in our home lately. In our household, grounding means not going anywhere after school or on weekends, not having friends over, and no screens. I hate grounding as a punishment. It seems futile and unproductive. It’s based on some cock-eyed theory that if I deprive you of your freedom.. Read more

Lessons from the Road – Supporting parents of learner drivers

There are times when parenting a teenager we have to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Milestones such as allowing our teens out past midnight, leaving them to mind the house while we go away for a weekend, and the parenting equivalent of jumping from a plane without a parachute: teaching them how to.. Read more

City kids more likely to have food allergies

Children living in urban centers have a much higher prevalence of food allergies than those living in rural areas. In particular, kids in big cities are more than twice as likely to have peanut and shellfish allergies compared to rural communities. These were the results of the first study to map children’s food allergies by.. Read more

Teens ‘deserve more credit’

Patrick Ness is my daughter’s favourite author. She is genuinely obsessed. This week Ness won the Carnegie Medal, awarded annually to the writer of an outstanding book for children. He won the Carnegie Medal last year as well, only the second author to win two years in a row since it was established in 1936… Read more

Helping your kids handle social pressure

A friend emailed me the other day with a ‘proud mummy moment’ – yes, we still have them, even with teenagers. Her 15-year-old daughter had been invited to a birthday dinner for a classmate at a swanky restaurant, followed by a sleepover at the birthday girl’s house. Our daughters are at the age where drinking.. Read more

Can excessive parental praise turn good kids into bullies?

When most people picture the typical school bully, they think of a kid who is likely to have been bullied themselves. A child with low self-esteem who is trying to make themselves feel better by picking on others. But in fact, parents who continually and indiscriminately praise their children could be running the risk of.. Read more