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Give pierce a chance

This is a short tale, and there are no intimate bits involved, but it’s my one and only experience with piercing beyond the earlobes. I’d just finished university, it was my 21st birthday, and I was leaving Sydney the following week for my first full-time job on the Gold Coast. Can you imagine? It was.. Read more

To pierce or not to pierce?

By Ellen Laughton. It’s official; metal is the new black. Young people are pushing the boundaries of beauty and style with more – and more unusual –  piercings of the body and face. Pierced celebrities such as Ruby Rose, Joel Madden and the late Amy Winehouse are fashion icons, and studs, rings, spikes and bars.. Read more

How to raise a musical child

Every child should play an instrument. That was my mum’s philosophy. Unfortunately, her philosophy did not extend to…”an instrument of their choosing”. Which is why it was a tradition for us four children upon our 7th birthday that we would be visited by a Giant and given an owl – uh, sorry, wrong story –.. Read more

Persistence is learned from dad

When the going gets tough, the tough should be thanking their fathers. New research shows that dads are in a unique position to help their adolescent children develop persistence. Brigham Young University (BYU)  professors Laura Padilla-Walker and Randal Day arrived at these findings after following 325 families over several years. Over time, the persistence gained.. Read more

When Dad walks out

The following words appeared on The Kids Are All Right forum. Thank you to SammyS who was happy for us to reprint her reply to a mum who was struggling with her 13-year-old daughter. Hi Dulciean – I am a fast forward version of your daughter – I had only just turned 14 and my.. Read more

When dobbing in a mate is the right thing to do

Today, family and friends will farewell 18-year-old Thomas Kelly, the teenager who died after a punch to the head in Kings Cross last weekend. Somewhere else in Sydney, another young man may be wrestling with some personal demons. I’m not talking about the teenager who has been arrested over the death, but the mate who.. Read more

Sexual content in popular movies influences teen sexual behaviour

Researchers have given parents another reason to be across what movies the kids are watching. They’ve found that adolescents who are exposed to more sexual content in movies start having sex at a younger age, have more sexual partners, and are less likely to use condoms with casual sexual partners. Scientists set out to examine.. Read more

Open letter to a teenager

I discovered a little mystery on the Internet last night. It began when I followed a link to the website, The Smile Collective. There I found ‘A Manifesto for Youth’ based on some inspiring words that had been doing the rounds online. It was a bracing, no-holds barred letter to teenagers, apparently written by a.. Read more

Spirits and young people

By Paul Dillon, drug educator and author. One young Australian aged between 14 and 17 years old dies every weekend due to alcohol. That figure astounds me each time I say it to a group of students but it truly is beginning to surprise me that we don’t see far more deaths than that due.. Read more

My golden rule for choosing a godparent

I’m not normally one for dispensing parenting advice. I started The Kids Are All Right because I had more questions than answers. But I do know how to choose an awesome godparent. The traditional godparent Growing up Catholic, my siblings and I understood our godparents’ role was to ensure we were raised in accordance with.. Read more