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Dropping teenagers to parties

Do you still drop your teenager at parties? And if so, do you still introduce yourself to the parents, or go and say hi if you know the parents? I think in years 7 and 8, this should be a no brainer. Often there is a whole lot of new parents you haven’t met before,.. Read more

Movies the whole family can’t enjoy

Remember when you were younger and you’d be watching telly with your mum or dad and a sex scene would come on? Everything would suddenly get very awkward in the loungeroom while nobody breathed and waited for it to end, preferably quietly. A few years ago I discovered something even more awkward than watching sex.. Read more

Pot-smoking teenagers risk IQ loss

Delay delay delay. That’s the general catchcry of health specialists when commenting on teenagers’ engaging in risky behaviour involving alcohol, drugs and sex. And now there is even further evidence why smoking marijuana during adolescence is a bad idea. A new long-range study of 1,000 New Zealanders found that participants who started using cannabis in.. Read more

A different approach to curfews

What is a reasonable curfew for your teenager? You can survey other parents and see what their rules are, but there are so many variables. Instead of a one-size fits all approach – or even one curfew for all situations  – I came across this interesting approach recently on Quora. A young woman, Briezy, wrote.. Read more

Explainer: what is an anxiety disorder?

By Lynne Harris, University of Sydney. Most of us are intimately familiar with anxiety. We experience it as we walk towards the room to where our job interview is held, when we stand up to give a speech at our best friend’s wedding, or when we find ourselves in conversation with someone we want to.. Read more

Birthday party ideas for teenagers

Teenage birthday parties are tricky. On the one hand, you don’t have to entertain teenagers like you do younger children – in fact, they’d prefer you not to show your face at all. On the other hand, alcohol. Birthday parties seem to taper off once kids hit high school. Parents are either shying away from.. Read more

Help your teenager chase their career dream

At some point in high school most teenagers will start to think about what to do as a career. But young people can feel confused and lost in all the choices. They might like the sound of earning good money, but we also know to be happy in a career we need to feel good.. Read more

A mother daughter date, with an unexpected conversation

By Rachel Hynes. Sunday was a gorgeous almost-spring day in Sydney, and my daughter and I decided to walk across the Harbour Bridge, just because we’d never done it before. We would catch the train to the north side, and walk back to The Rocks. We would take in fresh air, vitamin D, and the.. Read more

Bare necessity?

Shaving. Waxing. Sugaring. Creams. Laser. Threading. Electrolysis. When it comes to pubic hair, there’s certainly more than one way to skin the [cat]! But more important than the exact method are the health implications of pubic hair and the risks associated with its removal. What’s “normal” in the pubic hair landscape has changed considerably over.. Read more

Facebook for under 13s

A friend wrote to me during the week – ironically, via Facebook – to get some advice about her tween daughter and the social networking site. She said: Hi Rach, I’m wondering if you could get some feedback for me or any advice as to what age is deemed suitable for Facebook. We allowed our.. Read more