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Testing the test: NAPLAN makes for stressed kids and a narrow curriculum

By Nicky Dulfer, University of Melbourne. NAPLAN tests – the literacy and numeracy tests given to primary and secondary students – are causing health problems and promoting a culture of “teaching to the test”. A national study released today surveyed around 8,300 teachers and found the tests had unintended consequences, particularly on how the curriculum.. Read more

Why do kids cut themselves?

By Jessica Dickers. I was surprised to find out that some of my friends have self-harmed. You wouldn’t know by looking at them or even by talking to them. Kids Helpline says that an increasing number of young people are reporting self-harming behaviour. Cutting is the most common self-harming behaviour but people may also burn.. Read more

Photos of drunk teenagers make news has put together a slideshow of photos that have been posted on Instagram from Schoolies Week. It’s a collection of images of teenagers with heads in toilets, sleeping in hallways (otherwise known as “passed out”), taking clothes off or throwing up. As if we didn’t know what drunk teenagers did or looked like. The.. Read more

The social media background check: why your teen needs to be careful now

By Katie Adema. Grace* is in her early twenties and has just applied for a job. For her first round interview, she was asked to bring a print out of every single one of her social network profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. She was also asked to identify any contact with media that.. Read more

[ENDED] GIVEAWAY: Puberty Blues, and a skincare giveaway

Congratulations to winners Becci, Michelle V and Kell Kelly. Thank you to all who entered – your stories were wonderful. Puberty Blues, the Channel 10 television series based on the movie based on the book, has been confirmed for a second season. My teenager loved the TV show. I probably should have watched it with.. Read more

Essentials for working teenagers

By Brenda Fry. There are lots of issues to consider if your teenager is starting work, from tax rules to balancing work and school commitments. Here are the top things we think you should know as a parent of a working teenager. Paying tax Your teenager will need a tax file number (TFN), otherwise their.. Read more

Gifts for the kid who has everything

With Christmas breathing its hot, humid, prawn-and-champagne breath down my neck, it’s time to lovingly compile a list of carefully selected and perfectly matched gift ideas for my teenager. Or ask her what she’d like. This question has been a source of merriment in the past. I’m sure I am not the only parent who’s.. Read more

Not everything is character building, is it?

In today’s teen parenting drama, I am forced again to examine the concept of “character building”. My teenager does not enjoy sport and at the age of almost 15, now does no sport outside of what she is forced to ‘endure’ at school. I’ve written about this dilemma before, in High school water torture. Back.. Read more

10 ways to ‘share’ this Christmas

‘Collaborative consumption’ is a hot topic right now. It’s the growing movement of ‘sharing’ within your community, made easier and more widespread through developments in technology. It’s old school market behaviour – sharing, lending, swapping, bartering – brought into the 21 century. What better time to try this new (but old) type of consuming than.. Read more

Selective schools and missing out

Places at selective schools in Australia are limited and highly competitive. For every student that is offered a place, many more will need to consider plan B. And if children have undertaken months of practice tests and other intense preparation for the selective schools test, or are experiencing pressure either from their parents or self-imposed,.. Read more