Giveaways, White House rules, and pushy parents – weekly round-up

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This week we compiled all the pieces written for us by teenagers on a new page on the site. You will find them under Teens Write. If your teenager likes to write, we’d love to publish their work. We just ask that their post relates to issues faced by teens and their parents.

We’d also really like to hear from tertiary students interested in journalism internships.

And in parenting teen news this week…

– Tips from an expert on how to make the most of parent teacher nights [The Kids Are All Right]

Energy drink binge leaves teens with more than a hangover [The Kids Are All Right]

– Michelle Obama sounds surprisingly like the rest of us as she explains the White House rules around screen time [The Stir]

So your teen has started dating? Don’t freak out! [Radical Parenting]

Teens getting drunk off hand sanitizer – the latest trend? [Shine – Yahoo Canada]

Teen sues over Facebook bullying [Wired], as Facebook launches a support dashboard to help teens track their reports of bullying on the social networking site [TechCrunch]


Teen daughter threatens to catch taxi and not pay, forcing mum to pay. Visit forum..


Finding the balance: Pushy Parenting vs Encouragement [The Family Factor]

We all think our children are ‘the best’ and of course it is important to be our children’s advocates, but there is a fine line between falling into the ‘pushy’ territory compared to being encouraging.







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