Photos of drunk teenagers make news

Drunk Schoolies photos posted on online news site has put together a slideshow of photos that have been posted on Instagram from Schoolies Week. It’s a collection of images of teenagers with heads in toilets, sleeping in hallways (otherwise known as “passed out”), taking clothes off or throwing up. As if we didn’t know what drunk teenagers did or looked like.

The point here is one of privacy. Unfortunately, there can be no crying foul over invasion of privacy if these photos were published to Instagram and were available publicly. If your teenager does not have privacy settings properly enabled on any of their social networking apps or sites, then their photos can obviously be picked up and published by news organisations.

Our intern Katie Adema wrote a terrific piece last week on the implications of just this on your teenager’s future career: The social media background check: why your teen needs to be careful now

I really question the value of a news organisation posting these photos, but they remind us what can happen when private images are made public. I also feel sorry for any parents who go online today and recognise their children. But I guess these photos must have been there for the finding.

A refresher from Katie’s article on how your teenager can protect their future career:

The Kids Are All Right | Don't let social media wreck your career



  1. Great post. Social media brings us so much, but they are really such shark-infested waters for teens. It’s really not something most parents would have on the radar before packing their kids off to schoolies, amidst worries about alcohol and immediate physical safety. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Yes, we will be waving them off at the door with “Be careful, everything in moderation, and check your privacy settings!”

  2. It’s amazing how many people overlook privacy settings. Or freely share information regarding location and names. I really like the summary that Katie put together. Perfect to hand out to teenagers.

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