[ENDED] GIVEAWAY: Puberty Blues, and a skincare giveaway

Congratulations to winners Becci, Michelle V and Kell Kelly. Thank you to all who entered – your stories were wonderful.

Puberty Blues
Puberty Blues, the Channel 10 television series based on the movie based on the book, has been confirmed for a second season. My teenager loved the TV show. I probably should have watched it with her more often, considering the nature of some of her social media updates where she quoted lines. They were a little confronting.

Even though 30 years have passed since the book was first released, those things that cause the ‘Puberty Blues’ don’t seem to have changed much … being invisible to the subject of your crush, being too visible to the bullies, parents who just don’t ‘get it’, and waking up with a blind pimple on school photo day (that wasn’t just me, was it?)

We’re asking you to share one of your own adolescent angst moments, for the chance to win for your teenager a 3-pack of brand new products from FORMULA 10.0.6.

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Not only do we have three packs of FORMULA 10.0.6 products to give away, one of the chosen winners will also receive the novel Puberty Blues, signed by co-author Kathy Lette.

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So let’s hear your ‘Puberty Blues’ story in the comments below, and we’ll pick three answers that make us laugh, cry or groan along with you.







  1. I have very curly hair, all I wanted (of course) was dead straight hair, contributing factors may have been the fact that one of my teachers would only call me by the name of moptop and the kids at school called me Dunny Brush! I ended up getting a fringe cut to help hide the acne on my forehead, however the hairdresser was “smart” and wet my hair before cutting. When it dried, it curled up and stuck straight out from my head. I have come to terms with my hair now.

  2. I was very very very flat chested as a teenager and as my last name was Bird and my middle name was Robyn, the nicknames were mostly to do with the winged species, in particular Redbreast (we didn’t know about the hole in the ozone layer back then and sunbathing was compulsory). I also had one pointy ear, so pixy ears was also used. But most of my angst was because of crushes on the popular surfy boys who never noticed me until a school reunion 30 years later – too late baby!

  3. I attended an all girls catholic school. In year 10 I was so excited and proud to be elected as one of the School Councilors. The first assignment given to me by the head nun was ‘school snitch’. At lunchtime I had to wait by the school exit to catch anyone nicking off to the fast food joint down the road. I was also told to look out for and report anyone smoking behind the side brick wall. I was so angry and anxious. I tried carrying out my surveillance undercover but it was dead obvious what I was doing. At the end of the year when the Year 9’s send off Year 10’s, in front of the whole school my nickname was announced ‘Big Bad Boss’. I just wished the floor would swallow me up.

  4. I don’t have a teenager to win the products for, but I wanted to let you know that I LOVED the Puberty Blues TV series and it was very confronting! I’m not a prude at all but I was shocked by some of the action. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but shocked nonetheless 😉

    • It was a bit, wasn’t it! And I only watched a few episodes. Programming on TV today is a lot more ‘sophisticated’ than what we used to watch, but I also saw the movie again quite recently and it’s pretty edgy too – I remember it being a hot topic of discussion with my older sisters when it came out in the early 80s.

  5. I don’t have a teenager to win the products for, but I wanted to let you know that I LOVED the Puberty Blues TV series and it was very confronting! I’m not a prude at all but I was shocked by some of the action. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but shocked nonetheless 😉

  6. I don’t know which was worse having a face full of pimples or a constant itch wherever hair decided to grow – talk about being attacked on to fronts but on the plus side I got to hang out more with friends and go places

  7. Over plucked eyebrows were de rigeur in the early 80s. Fine at the time, but giving me the blues now.

  8. Michelle V says:

    Coming from a European background, I sadly got handed the fate of excessive facial and body hair.
    To make matters worse, my mum was strict and would only let me use a cream bleach to lighten the hair. I wasn’t allowed to shave or wax (only my underarms were allowed).
    One day, I applied the cream bleach to my upper lip, but must have mixed up the quantities incorrectly. I didn’t realise until it was time to remove it, and as I wiped the cream away with a wet face cloth, half of the skin on my upper lip peeled away with it!!! I had burnt the skin!!!! It was agonizing to look at and agonizing to experience as it was so painful. I of course had to go to school the next day, and nothing would hide the red welts. I was picked on for YEARS after that…

  9. I was in year 5 and 10 years of age. The puberty process had begun and before everyone else in my class. We had school swimming lessons and I had to change in the cubicle because I was ‘different’ to everyone else. It wasn’t until we were in the water and someone pointed out so discreetly “Kell has hair under her arms!!!!” that I realised. It was quite embarrassing and not to mention cruel, especially when you think it was a scary enough time without tourments from supposed friends. All because I was ‘different’.

    Needless to say when their time came I was understanding and helped them. Puberty is tough for everyone and the random hair growing out of bizzarre places and a face full of pimples doesn’t help!

  10. sonja prince says:

    A brunette, all I wanted was to be a blonde like my friends. As soon as I had a job I bleached my hair, worst thing I ever did, took about three years to get my hair soft, silky and shiny again.

  11. My mum gave me a mullet because I asked for one… the thing is Iam a GIRL and looking back at my school photos makes me cry.

  12. Narelle Rock says:

    having very smelly feet, no matter how many times I washed them, got new shoes, I tried EVERYTHING I could think of but nothing worked, just could not take my shoes off around anyone!

  13. Having crushes on most of the boys I went to school with, but never getting any love back was torture for me in my school days. I always had the boys approach me only to ask me if one of my friends was ‘going out’ with anyone. I got bullied for being too skinny and having no boobs and it took me years to start to gain body confidence – girls can be so mean. I loved the first season of Puberty Blues, but I am very grateful for not being still in high school myself!

  14. My very first day of high school was Australia Day so we had “free dress day” but had to wear green and gold.
    I wore a bright green, ill-fitting, long pencil skirt and a hideous yellow collared blouse (tucked in).
    I was also unlucky enough to have mild acne, wear braces and have a tight perm.
    How I made any friends to get me through the next 5 years I’ll never know.

  15. Oh it would have to be the crush I had on a boy called Bo when I was 14. I used to go out of my way to catch the same bus as him and try and sit near him. He was a surfer boy too with bleach blonde hair. He was all I ever thought about. I had planned our whole life out (yes, delusional or what!). He never used to notice me at all and reality hit hard when he asked out one of my best friends who just happened to catch the bus with me one day. I wonder what he is doing all these years later. I hope he is fat and bald, lol.

  16. At high school assembly we were given a talk by a body language expert and he was explaining when we sat with our arms and legs crossed we were showing signs of being anxious.
    Then he looked at me in the front row as I was sitting in that position, well ‘duh’ the guy that I liked was sitting next to me and then when the expert was looking at me whilst explaining the above I was trying to uncross my arms and legs but too late the guy I liked had already noticed and I was very embarrassed!

  17. I was about 17 and had a serious boyfriend. We decided to take it to the next level, it is frightening your first time anyway but it was more scary when my best friend walked in on us. The funny thing is she was more embarassed than we were and run out and didn’t know what to do.

  18. Renee Ballantyne says:

    My mum never allowed me to shave so when i was away on 2week school camp i thought i would start. I brought my first razor and when using it for the first time I cut my leg right down the shin bone i was in so much pain i was so embarrassed i didn’t tell anyone. I wore jeans every day to hide it in 40degree heat because i was so embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to see. I still have the scar but now I use an electric shaver….much safer 🙂

  19. My high school had these light blue button up shirts, and in summer I would have obvious sweat marks under my pits. So in order to solve this issue I had to wear my woollen sweater during the sweltering summer high school days .

  20. Having my dress lifted up by a male friend (who thought it was funny) in front of everyone..bad time of the month unfortunately for me!!!!

  21. I’m still waiting for puberty to happen. I am in my late twenties and mistaken for 14-17 quite often.



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