[ENDED] GIVEAWAY – Summer prize pack

Summer Newsletter Giveaway

Congratulations to Kim M from Qld, who won this prize on 6 November 2012.

This week we are launching our ‘new look’ newsletter along with a new competition for subscribers. The summer prize pack includes:

  • Sheridan ‘Crete’ 500gsm terry cotton pile beach towel in chambray (that’s the colour on the right in the pic) – rrp $59.95
  • Invisible Zinc 30+ sunblock – rrp $19.95
  • A book of your choice to while away the summer hours in a hammock (ok, you may need to actually wait until the Christmas holidays to do this) – to the value of $40.00

How to enter

To enter, you need to do two things:

1. Make sure you are on our weekly newsletter subscriber list. Do you get our weekly wrap on a Wednesday? If not, subscribe here.

2. Leave a comment below or email us, saying what book you want to read this summer and why. (Book should be to the value of $40.00 and available in Australia – that way you can win it!). The winner will be chosen on the basis of this comment, so write something thought-, tear- or smile-provoking 🙂

That’s it! We’ll be drawing the prize on Tuesday 6 November, and announcing the winner in the weekly newsletter on Wednesday 7 November. Read the full terms and conditions here.

So, what book do you want to read this summer?




  1. That’s such a difficult question … I want to read Ulysses, and I can’t tell u why, only that I’ve never read it and I’ve always wanted to. No doubt though I’ll still be pressing on with Voss, which I’ve been reading for about the past 6 months. It’s glorious, evocative, but very slow. x

  2. In summer I want my reading to be familiar and relaxing, so I’d choose the latest Terry Pratchett Discworld novel “Snuff” or his latest non-Discworld book “The Long Earth”, or preferably both as I’d be able to knock one off in an evening … if it was an uninterrupted evening … which of course would probably not happen seeing as I have six children and therefore at least six likely disruptions (seven, if you count the husband).

  3. karen shaw says:

    I had 2 books on my birthday wishlist sadly the circled catalogues remain on the coffee table as mr HSC deals with that stress. First was “QF32” By Richard De Crespigny , i was so impressed when he spoke on TV and the retelling of his story should also be impressive. The other is “The Casual Vacancy” J.K. Rowling, just interested to see how she follows up from the Harry Potter successes. More importantly is than the prize of a book voucher, is it possible to have a couple of hours added to a day some where so I can sit and read?!

  4. Mary Preston says:

    I’m currently reading the series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE by George RR Martin. It is superb. I’d like to read more of his works. TALES OF DUNK AND EGG take place a century before this series. A welcome addition to my bookshelf. Knights and dragons & mortal foes. It does not get any better.

  5. I would choose Conspiracy 365 – Malice by Gabrielle Lord. My son and I were lucky enough to see Gabrielle give a talk about writing this series at a writers festive on the Sunshine Coast this year. I was enthralled, as was my son, we both love reading, and had never had the chance to sit and listen to an author talk about how they wrote their books etc, and we were lucky to see her as we both learnt heaps. I got him the first book in the series on the day, which he was lucky enough to get signed! He has read all the books, he saved up for each one (there is one for each month of the year!), so he was pretty committed! I would love to surprise him with this book, which is her newest, as I know how much he would love it, (and I can read it after him!).

  6. Kimberley Belford says:

    Any book would be great – to get the time and quiet to be able to read anything is a challenge around here.
    Searching for Our Angel – Liz Peter or Surviving Secrets -Margaret Watson (both explore very real issues that affect my life ).

  7. I have a couple of books I would like to read but top of my list is The Happiness Project. Since it is an experiment with happiness I think it would be interesting, plus the summer holidays are L O N G and I think I will need some help staying sane. I’d be able to flip this book open and hopefully find something to do to lift my spirits and maybe calm my kids.

  8. Nicole Kent says:

    I would love to read The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. Sitting by the pool, cocktail in hand, I can’t wait to be hooked and mesmerized by JK’s extraordinary writing once again.

  9. Melissa O says:

    America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t
    by Stephen Colbert, Its educational, hilarious and I am sure it will be the perfect summer read while I am on Uni holidays.

  10. This Summer I want to read ‘Back Sufferers’ Bible’ by Sarah Key. My mum is suffering from irreversible damage to her lower back which causes her so much pain she’s no longer able to even pick up her grandchildren. She’s just been told that she should read this book as it may be useful in giving her a sense of control over her pain. I too suffer from a sore back and am terrified of what my future may hold, seeing where my mum is now, and even more terrified at what her future may hold seeing as shes only mid-fifty.

  11. THE BONE BED, by Patricia Cornwell as I love a good murder mystery and this lady writes the best

  12. claire evans says:

    Anything thats not a picture book… I would really like to read to kiil a mocking bird, havent read since i was a teen

  13. I’m looking forward to reading Children of Liberty by Paullina Simons. I think it will be a brilliant love story in itself, but the fact that it is the story of Alexander’s parents from The Bronze Horseman trilogy will make it all the more wonderful. She is my favourite author and I have been looking forward to a new release from her.

  14. Wendy Hatton says:

    Kate Morton, The Secret Keeper. It sounds an intriguing and absorbing read. A mystery, my favourite genre.

  15. I would love to read “Mrs moon lullabies for bedtime” to my 7 month old baby this summer. I love reading to her and am always looking out for new books to read to her. I love our ritual before bead and this book would be a great addition. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

  16. I’ve been wanting to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I’ve heard a lot of people recommend it.

  17. I am currently reading “Bone China” by Roma Tearne, which is set in the early 1940s when the British are leaving Sri Lanka. It’s reminded me how much I love books set during / shortly after the days of the British Empire. I’ve travelled quite a lot in SE Asia (altho not Sri Lanka yet) and I must confess, as a Brit myself, many times I felt ashamed and embarassed for what my country did to these places and the mess they left behind. The era itself continues to fascinate me though and I find reading about it true escapism. I’ve decided that this summer I want to read the whole of The Raj Quartet by Paul Scott. Prices vary but I could get the first one (The Jewel in the Crown) and maybe even the first two combined for $40 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  18. I can’t beleive this question is so hard, I tend to buy books browsing or on a recommendation and go out and buy it straight away. I am lusting after Jamie Olivers 30minute recipe book though because I am slightly obsessed with food. Great competition!

  19. As a blogger who is into food, I’d have to say the new recipe book by Katie Quinn Davis, ‘What Kate Ate’. Now there’s a girl who is an true inspiration. She even managed to get the French to translate it and publish, which is pretty rare for all things non French. She is self made and so talented.

  20. Always been meaning to read “The Sun on the Stubble” and with mother nature promising us a warm, sunny summer looks like I’ll give it a go as the scene will truly be set

  21. Michelle v S says:

    Ohhhh…this is such an easy question for me to answer! I’ve just finished reading Kate Morton’s ‘The Secret Keeper’ and it was soooo amazing, full of mystery, colourful characters and a history lesson all in one. Unbelievably I’ve not read any of her previous books – but not for much longer! This Australian author is now on my radar and at the top of my reading list this summer is her intriguing book named ‘The Distant Hours’ which is a romantic thriller (my favourite genre). Why this one? Well any of Kates books will do – this is just one of many I’ve added to my Christmas wish list!
    Now picking the book was the easy part, the tricky bit will then be finding a nice quiet place for me to relax and read it. I’m not sure if such a place exists in my house with three children. Perhaps I’ll grab the Sheridan beach towel, sun block and ‘The Distant Hours’ and head out into the great Aussie outdoors and leave the kids to their gadgets for a bit. Although I curse those gadgets, they do allow me some ‘me time’ occasionally! 😉

  22. Last night at the movies I saw Shadow Dancer and now I’m ready to read the book. (and I’ll imagine Clive Owen in the main role again – delicious!)

  23. I love reading biographies and would love to read, ‘Who Wants to be a Billionaire- the James Packer Story’. I am sure it will remind me of just how lucky I am to live in a family who has always loved, appreciated and supported me! Money truly isn’t everything!

  24. As a big book worm there is a never ending pile of books next to my bed, on the floor and even in the bedside draws 🙂
    I want to read a book that has the following qualities ::
    1. take my breath away
    2, is inspirational
    3. makes a difference to my lifestyle
    4. helps me to follow my dreams
    5. makes me see what is around me
    6. makes me more grateful for all that I have and all that is coming my way
    7. will keep me wanting to read more!

    Off to find a book that covers all that and more 🙂

  25. Bring Up The Bodies, by Hilary Mantel … it sounds ghastly for a beach read, and I’m not a fan of gore, but the excerpts I’ve read are brilliant and it has won lots of glittery literary prizes. Either that or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the giggle factor and humanity 🙂



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