Give pierce a chance

This is a short tale, and there are no intimate bits involved, but it’s my one and only experience with piercing beyond the earlobes.

I’d just finished university, it was my 21st birthday, and I was leaving Sydney the following week for my first full-time job on the Gold Coast. Can you imagine? It was the height of grunge, I wore nothing but black, and I was about to move to Surfers Paradise.

I wanted to do something radical on my landmark birthday. Of course, one person’s radical is another person’s vanilla, and I decided to get a ring put through the upper cartilage of the ear.  I went to a very cool piercing joint where they’d just begun to do more ‘interesting’ work such as gauging and genital piercing, and I was a straighty-180 asking nervously for an ear piercing.

I LOVED my piercing and I didn’t take it out for 15 years. It was, to me, an act of defiance against growing old. Then at 36, removing it signified my becoming an adult. Both were big moments.

In our piercing feature, ‘To pierce or not to pierce’, one of the young people interviewed said for her, a piercing was a statement when you weren’t quite sure what you wanted to say. I like that.

I know that a piercing in the top of the ear is barely worth writing about, but if I got so much from a piercing that looked like this:

Ear piercing


I can kind of imagine what someone gets from a piercing like this:


Back piercing

Image by sparr0/Flickr

Do you have any piercings? What’s the story behind them?



  1. there is something about an ear piercing that is quite normal. but there is definitely some piercings out there that leave me wondering.
    Mandy recently posted..A Winter Wonderland ~ Girls Only Night Out.My Profile

  2. I remember at 17 being a biggggg rebel and getting a second hole in each ear which I covered with hair to hide from my parents. Out of control, wasn’t I! Sometimes I think that a small, discrete nose diamond would be nice but I think my own straight-laced kids would disown me. 🙂
    Shari recently posted..The 5 minute, 6 product get-your-face-on beauty routineMy Profile

  3. Yeaouch! That last photo made me totally squirm!
    I’m pretty conservative. I didn’t my ears pierced until I was 18 and even that was seen as a big rebellious act by my religiously strict parents.
    Some piercings out there that totally take me by surprise. Sometimes I’m more surprised by the person who gets it done. Like you know, “Wow, I never thought you’d be the tongue piercing kind”
    But hey, each to their own 🙂
    Grace recently posted..Those DaysMy Profile

    • Thekids says:

      I think that’s the appeal. For some people, it’s their little unexpected secret that gives them a bit of a personal thrill 🙂

  4. I have had several piercings including my tongue. I took it out when I got my career job – didn’t think it looked professional. I do think piercings are better than tattoos because you can take them out!
    Eleise Bott recently posted..Reveiw of the Odd Couple at the Roo TheatreMy Profile

    • Thekids says:

      Eleise, I think the tongue is the piercing that freaks me out the most. It’s because the tongue is so thick, and so muscular, and the thought of pushing a needle through it just makes me wince. It must hurt like hell!

  5. I got my belly button pierced in NZ in 2000.. as a holiday momentum…

    I got it repierced a few months later when it got infected and closed up.

    I now have a big stretch mark going down my belly from my 2 pregnancies… and my belly button piercing which has been out for years… now looks like an extra belly button 🙂

    I should really take a photo of it!

    love this post!
    Yvette @ DTlilsquirts recently posted..Commenting on blog postsMy Profile

    • Thekids says:

      Yvette that’s hilarious. That’s something the teens don’t think about happening in the future!

  6. I used to have a piercing at the top of my ear. I loved it at the time. I think my parents were relived when I came home with that one and not the belly ring I always wanted! x
    tahlia – the parenting files recently posted..take a deep breathMy Profile

  7. I have 2 piercings in one ear lobe (just one in the other) and I had my belly button pierced (like Yvette, it’s now out after being pregnant and I have a little scar to show for it!) and I also had my nose pierced – which I loved. It was just a teeny little stud that glinted when it caught in the light – I ended up having to take it out (no scarring) because I moved jobs, but I’m tempted to get it done again one day… we shall see!
    MsMandie recently posted..Holiday Withdrawal SyndromeMy Profile

    • Thekids says:

      Your pierced nose sounds very pretty. Maybe you can just try putting your old stud back in? After a stiff drink.

  8. Really enjoyed reading this. As a teen I dyed my hair purple and had a second hole pierced on one ear (I thought it was cool to have two one side and just one the other?!) – like in your story it was the height of grunge. I was living in Chigwell, Essex (in the UK) at the time though so I was considered a bit of a weirdo.
    Then at 29 I went back packing, I spent loads of time travelling with people in their early twenties and had a blast. For some unknown reason I decided to get my nose pierced. Still can’t explain why… I guess I wanted to do something unexpected. I loved it and love the photos… but it didn’t last… had to take it out when I returned to reality!
    Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB recently posted..My child is a geniusMy Profile

    • Thekids says:

      Oh Catherine you just reminded me that I had a second hole in one earlobe too in high school. And purple hair! If only we hadn’t lived on opposite sides of the world and a decade apart, we could have been besties!

  9. I used to have a piercing in the top of my ear, but it came out at some point and I’m too scared to get it done again! It hurt!

    My 3yo noticed my tattoo for the first time the other day (it’s hidden on my hip but he showers with me daily?!). He started asking some questions about it and I told him it really hurt and they did it with needles. Let’s hope that’s enough to deter him for a while. I have no problem with tattoos (and don’t regret mine for a second) but I was 21 when I had it done. The kids nowadays seem to be younger and younger…man I sound old!
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  10. Ouch that last one looks painful. I over the years I have considered a few different piercings and tattoos but never quite wanted anything enough. I am glad I held back. But my second earring hole had never closed up. Rachel x
    Rachel from Redcliffe Style recently posted..10 tips for InsomniaMy Profile

  11. I pierced my nose by myself at school when I was 16. I loved my nose stud, I would wear itty bitty tiny flowers and stars and things. When I got my business admin traineeship I took it out because I thought it wasn’t business like, I didn’t even ask them if I could wear it, just assumed I couldn’t. I wish now I never took it out I would love to still have it. I’m “SCARED of getting it re-pierced! I know it hurts. Why am I such an adult sook? Especially when I also have a tattoo that I got when 19! lol
    My mum just turned 50 and she got her nose pierced. It looks great on her and my sister took a video of it being done. Quite funny.
    Neen recently posted..Ya Call THAT a Lock of Hair?My Profile

  12. I did the belly piercing thing too – I read somewhere that you can get a plastic surgery procedure to fill in the hole left when you take it out permanently – but with the state of my stomach after two pregnancies I would be better off spending that cash on a gym membership (or liposuction?)
    Sue recently posted..Spooky Spokeo…how much does it know?My Profile

  13. Zanni, Heart Mama says:

    This is a great website! I am really inspired by the community you have created here, and you have obviously recognised a need for creating an online space for parents of teenagers.
    Zanni 🙂
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