Christmas jobs for teenagers

Jobs for teenagers at Christmas

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Jobs for teenagers over the Christmas and January holiday period are being advertised in stores and online now. If your teenager is keen to get some work this season, now is the time to get searching. Employers put together their holiday staff early so they will be trained and up to speed before the Christmas and January sales rush.

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For teenagers who don’t have a regular part-time or casual job throughout the year, Christmas jobs are a good opportunity to earn some extra cash and get invaluable experience. If they are looking for a regular part-time job, starting with a Christmas job is a good way of trying out an employer, industry or type of job before committing to the longer term.

How to find a Christmas job

Teenagers can find Christmas jobs in a few ways:

  • Canvas family and friends – ask if friends of parents who have stores need help, or ask friends where they are working.
  • Spend a few mornings pounding the streets and the shopping centres and asking in person at stores – make sure they are neatly dressed and have clean copies of their resume.
  • Online – start with the stores they want to work at and search for them online. Many stores are already advertising their Christmas positions.

Real-life stories

Members of The Kids Are All Right forum have been discussing their teenagers’ experience with Christmas jobs and other holiday work. Here are some of their comments.

“My 14-year-old daughter had a casual job at The Body Shop over xmas and she loved it. If you’re looking at retail there will be plenty of work around September/October. Re The Body Shop job, you can apparently send in a CV on their website but it’s much more effective to go instore as they can see what people’s personalities are like. Take a CV with you and make sure you know some basic info on their values/campaigns.”

– Karen B

“My daughter has just worked at a 2-day kids cooking camp assisting the chef and she loved it. The job opportunity came up through a friend of a friend. It may lead to more paid work for her….regardless, the experience was wonderful and gave her confidence to consider other job opportunities.”

– Cammeray Mum

“Another area you might look at is the YMCA or swimming pools during school holidays. They are often looking for teens to help with holiday kids programs.”

– Lisa Young

“My daughter’s old drama teacher from primary school holds holiday workshops. She needed some teenagers to come and lend a hand. It wasn’t just drama activities my daughter was helping with, it was also craft, dancing, singing, games, etc.”

– Sydney Mum

“There is tonnes of work available during summer for lawn mowing jobs and weeding gardens.”

– miss.cinders

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  1. My 15 year old just started her first job at a local nursery, potting plants and shovelling mulch. You don’t realise how nerve-wracking it is for teens to get up the confidence to canvas for a job. I was surprised at how much “coaching” was needed to give her the words to use to ask for a job and “sell” herself when she had no experience.

  2. Wow I’m a 13 years old and I am looking for a job any suggestions



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