The Hunger Games: What you need to know

As we flagged in last week’s blog post, Katniss Everdeen no role model for teenage girls, The Hunger Games film is about to be released worldwide, and it’s going to be HUGE.

The Hunger GamesBased on the 2008 young adult best-seller by Suzanne Collins, the film has broken box office records for first day ticket sales (before it’s even opened). Believe us, there is barely a teenager in Australia who doesn’t know the novel,  hasn’t read it, or won’t be watching the movie.

Although quite a few parents have also enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and its two follow-up novels, many will be wondering who in Panem this Katniss girl is and why is she hungry?

The Independent UK has put together this parent primer for all of us, to save us “feeling shamefaced at the dinner table”:

The Hunger Games: A mums’ and dads’ guide




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