Gift ideas for teenage guys

What’s harder than finding gift ideas for teenage girls? Finding gift ideas for teenage guys.

Of course a gift certificate is always an easy and surefire bet, and a quick look on a teenager’s Facebook site should give you an idea of the music and movies he’s into so you can buy a CD or DVD.

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Or, you can swing by The Kids Are All Right Pinterest board, Gift ideas – teen boys, and get some inspiration there.

All the items are available in Australia, and most can be bought online.


Gifts teenage guys

Whether the teenage boy in your life is into music, sport, video games, clothes or adrenalin, we’ve got lots of suggestions.

With most of us needing to buy Christmas gifts for teenagers in the coming weeks, we’ll be updating this Pinterest board frequently. If you are on Pinterest, make sure you ‘follow’ our board Gift ideas – teen boys, otherwise check back here when you need inspiration.

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A big thank you to the members of The Kids Are All Right forum who contributed lots of gift ideas for teenage guys, including the following:

“Usually when my sons go to a friends for a birthday,they always give money and so does everyone else.a lot of boys are into xbox games and playstation games.”


ThinkGeek has heaps of stuff that all 3 of my kids covet.* Their t-shirts are wonderful. Unfortunately shipping to Australia is ludicrous but if you plan ahead and aren’t just buying one thing at a time it works out ok. I usually stock up on extra gifts once a year and keep them tucked away in The Stash until needed.”


If you have any suggestions for teenage gift ideas, please add them to the comments below, or join the discussion about teenage gift ideas on the forum: PLEASE HELP – I need suggestions of GIFTS FOR TEENAGE GIRLS & GUYS

If it’s clothes you’re after for a teenage boy, make sure you check out our board Australian Teen Fashion, put together by stylist-in-the-making, 14-year-old Amira-Paloma.




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