When helicopter parents invade the workplace

The children of helicopter parents are growing up, but some parents are continuing to over-protect their offspring.

After hovering over their children from daycare to high school, research reveals some are staying over-involved even when their child leaves school and enters the workforce.

A survey of companies found that:

  • 30% have had a parent submit a resume for their child
  • 25% have been contacted by a parent who feels their child should receive a job
  • 15% had a parent complain when their child wasn’t hired
  • 12% have had a parent call to schedule an interview for their child
  • 10% have had a parent call to negotiate their child’s benefits and salary
  • 4% have seen parents show up to interview with their son or daughter.

OnlineCollege.org has drawn upon several research findings to put together an infographic called The Problem With Hovering: When helicopter parents invade the workplace.

The infographic also looks at parental involvement during the tertiary education years, and includes the finding that 1 in 4 undergraduates ask their parents to intervene in problems with professors or employers.

OnlineCollege.org says studies find children of helicopter parents to be more neurotic, more dependent and less open to new things.

Hovering Parents in the Workplace Infographic



  1. Oh that’s just extreme! My mum had nothing to do with me getting any kind of work, and never interfered at all!
    Also, I don’t text her daily, and I doubt my kids will to me. That’s a little extreme isn’t it?



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