Happy birthday SMS, hope you enjoyed your gift

By Rachel Hynes.

SMS, or text messaging, turned 20 this week. And this is how I felt about it.

I'd buy you a present but my teenager has laready given you $508 this year.

It’s true, I went through the bills and added it up. The mobile calls were ten times worse. Thank god for capped plans. She only went over by about $500 this year.

We had a bad run about halfway through the year. I don’t normally check my phone bill too closely because she’s always come in under. I also don’t usually pay my bills on time, because I’m a bit disorganised. So it took me a few months to realise our combined account was through the roof.

She looked at me all cute and innocent when I confronted her. I discovered that she thought if she made a phone call that lasted 5 seconds, it might be free. Based on no other reason than because she thought it should be. Evidently there were lots of short phone calls. Still can’t explain the text messages though.

Anyway, SMS, don’t say we never get you anything special.






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