Violence and lack of discipline – a teacher’s lot

A new survey has revealed half of Victoria’s school teachers have battled violence or aggression in their classrooms. Most of the teachers surveyed also believe that parents expect them to provide all the discipline for their children.

The Herald Sun survey of 816 primary and secondary teachers, conducted and analysed by Galaxy Research, found:

  • 50% of teachers surveyed have been verbally abused by a parent.
  • 37% said a student had ‘verbally threatened (them) with physical violence’, up from 26% two years earlier.
  • 33% of teachers reported acts of classroom vandalism by students, rising from 26% reported in the last survey.
  • 57% of teachers said ‘a student has used aggressive or threatening body language’.
  • 60% of teachers say students do not show them enough respect.
  • 75% believed ‘parents expect teachers to provide all the discipline for their children’. (Interestingly, only 67% of teachers say parents supported their authority in the classroom.)
  • Almost 50% surveyed admitted they had considered resigning over the past 12 months.
  • 10% of teachers surveyed said they had caught students with a weapon.
High school teachers expected to discipline

Image by Cliff1066 from Flickr. Photo of artwork: Classroom with Three Figures by Lavern Kelley

News Limited reported that Victorian Principals Association president Gabrielle Leigh believes students are increasingly likely to be sent to school without adequate discipline from home.

“We’ve got to a situation where often kids are asked (by parents), ‘What do you think, darling?’ But kids sometimes don’t know best,” Ms Leigh told the news organisation. “It’s important that parents make those decisions; important for the kids and their development.”

Despite these results, the majority of teachers said if they could start their careers again, they would still choose teaching.

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