Gift ideas for teenage girls

Need to buy teenage girl gifts? With Christmas on the way and birthdays that seem to keep popping up out of nowhere, the need for fresh teenage gift ideas is endless! And although gift certificates are always appreciated, occasionally it would be nice to surprise the teenage girl in your life with a real present.

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Check out our Pinterest guide to teenage girl gifts, with all items available in Australia. Most items can also be bought online.

Gift ideas for teenage girls

We’re updating this Pinterest board all the time, so the latest pins will probably be new to stores. If you are on Pinterest, make sure you ‘follow’ our board Gift ideas – teen girls, otherwise check back here when you need inspiration.

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If you have any suggestions for teenage gift ideas, please add them to the comments below, or join the discussion about teenage gift ideas on The Kids Are All Right forum.

Big thanks to the members of the forum who contributed lots of ideas for teenage girl gifts, and the following advice:

“Usually when my sons go to a friends for a birthday,they always give money and so does everyone else.a lot of boys are into xbox games and playstation games. Girls like shopping so gift cards are a good thing but get the type where they can spend at a shopping centre in any of the stores.”


“Check out Red Cross or some of the foundations that source product- fashion, accessories etc- from small 3rd world communities. They sell everything from handmade cultural dolls to jewellery and clothes.”

Natural Aussie Mum

ThinkGeek has heaps of stuff that all 3 of my kids covet.* Their t-shirts are wonderful. Unfortunately shipping to Australia is ludicrous but if you plan ahead and aren’t just buying one thing at a time it works out ok. I usually stock up on extra gifts once a year and keep them tucked away in The Stash until needed.”


“For her birthday we got our daughter a record player and she loves it. She also finds it really fun to hunt for old classics (ie music I grew up on) at secondhand record stores.”





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