I don’t want to have sex with your daughter

Hi girlfriend’s-father,

Just like to tell you that I plan on taking your daughter to a movie tonight. We’re going to go see The Hunger Games, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. After the movie, we’ll go grab some kebabs or something but not from the shop that gave five people food poisoning a couple of months ago.

My parents are away for the weekend so my house will be free. Some of the movie gang will be going there after the kebab place, including your daughter. She’s going to tell you she’s staying at her mate’s place because she knows you’ll never let her stay at mine which is completely understandable.

Teenage boy not ready for sex

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Sixteen is the legal age to have sex and by now, quite a few of our peers have done it. There is every reason for you to believe that the only thing that will be going on at my place is a wild, sex-drugs-rock-n-roll orgy into all hours of the night but I am a virgin, your daughter is a virgin and I think I can speak for both of us when I say that I think we’d want to get a bit more confident in the bedroom department before we try something like that.

A lot of the people who know about this gathering are asking us and the other attendants if we plan on having sex tonight. I don’t know about the other people and it’s not my business to know. They can do what they like with their bodies as far as I’m concerned but your daughter and I have talked about this and we’re waiting. Actually, I’ve asked her to wait. But she didn’t mind if I wanted to do it now or never and that’s why I love her. I love her because she loves me so much that she doesn’t mind if we never become intimate. I’m not saying we won’t, but you never know what the future holds.

And when people ask us if we’ve done it yet, because we are one of the more serious, long-time couples, we just say that’s none of their business because it’s not. As a guy in a relationship there is a lot of peer pressure to lose my virginity and talk graphically about all the “chicks I’ve banged”. It doesn’t appeal to me.

So, I’m just letting you know my intentions sir, and that your daughter is really quite safe with me.

Oscar, 16

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  1. Really interesting! Well written–as a stepmom of two teens, hurray for the abstinence! Just no wild parties, please…

  2. Good on him I say!

  3. Good on Oscar and his girlfriend. It’s refreshing to see an alternative to the sex-crazed teenage boy stereotype so often projected in the media and entertainment industry. Well written and witty!

  4. Oscar, your writing is admirable and so is you stance. I commend you for your restraint, your self-respect, and the maturity you show in your relationship with your girlfriend.



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