Parents and kids stressed about NAPLAN, according to Google search

‘my kid stressed about naplan’

It’s interesting to occasionally look at the Google search terms people use to reach this website. This week, NAPLAN was hands down the most common search theme, appearing in a quarter of all the search queries. Some further observations:

  • Searching was more frequent earlier in the week, as parents presumably experienced a last minute panic.
  • Parents of years 3 and 5 children were more stressed about it than high school parents (which was the point of my blog post last week, Chilling out about NAPLAN)
  • Kids are also stressed about NAPLAN, searching ‘if you do bad in naplan does go on your grade’, and ‘can u get out of naplan if u have a not from ur mum?’
  • Parents were stressed about their kids’ stress: ‘my kid stressed about naplan’ and ‘naplan and depression’
  • One child, though, was wondering what all the fuss was about: ‘what is so bad about naplan?’

Top NAPLAN search themes this week:

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  1. Glad my kid is not taking NAPLAN this year. But it was kinds stressful last year when she had it for the first time.

  2. This was our first year of Naplan, and my poor boy is just recovering from a week off with the flu, but the school newsletter said they had to attend. He told me he didn’t get the maths one finished. I told him not to worry about it, as long as he did his best.
    Nicole recently posted..Dear John HamblinMy Profile

    • Thekids says:

      Hmm… they don’t actually HAVE to attend if you don’t want them to. Good though you told him not to worry about it.

  3. I remember the old NSW Basic Skills test, and being distraught in year five when I only got band five not 6 for something 🙁
    Fiona recently posted..Win a Red Rock Deli Corn Chips prize packMy Profile

  4. I love reading your blog because while I don’t have teenagers (just 2 year old twins) I know I gotta start researching now! I admit I know very little about NAPLAN but my next door neighbour is a retired high school teacher and has strong opinions against it.
    Again, no very little about Hunger Games! But my oh my, it is taking the world by storm, isn’t it ?
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – The Confessions of an Instagram AddictMy Profile

  5. My year 3 daughter sat the NAPLAN for the first time this week….she has this bad habit of pulling at her hair when she is stressed. I was brushing her hair and noticed a very obvious bald spot right above her fringe. The bald spot has just appeared this week during the tests. I think the NAPLAN causes too much un necessary stress…especially for the little ones 🙁
    Nicole (SportyMummy) recently posted..Apraxia: Banging My Head Against A Brick WallMy Profile



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