Movies the whole family can’t enjoy

Remember when you were younger and you’d be watching telly with your mum or dad and a sex scene would come on? Everything would suddenly get very awkward in the loungeroom while nobody breathed and waited for it to end, preferably quietly.

A few years ago I discovered something even more awkward than watching sex scenes with your folks. Watching them with your folks and your kids.

To read more about my scarring experience and how to find out if a movie is suitable or not for your kids, head to With Some Grace where I was thrilled to be August’s Flog Your Blog Friday featured flogger.



  1. I read this for FYBF a couple of days ago, and my mind keeps wondering back to it! I remember recently watching Bridesmaids with my parents… I will try to avoid making this mistake with my children when they grow 🙂



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