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I’m doing a Liz Hayes this week, in that segment at the end of 60 Minutes where they read from their mailbag.

Firstly, we had a comment on the website last week that I wanted to share with you.

“Amazingly fantastic website. I may not comment much but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading. Love it!”

Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

This totally made my day. And it reminded me that just because someone doesn’t comment, it doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying the articles.

I know most people who comment on our stories are bloggers themselves. They are primed to comment because it’s part of the blogging culture to engage with other bloggers. I understand that many ‘normal’ readers, those that aren’t part of the blogging community, are not always accustomed to commenting on stories. But if you ever, ever get the urge, please give it a go. I would so love to hear your thoughts.

I recently received this email from Cath:

“Congratulations on a great website! Really interesting, intelligent and thoughtful articles and stories. Would like to suggest someone write about school to uni/ work transitions (including ‘gap year’), and also ways to help teens learn how to manage money.”

Quite apart from the compliments (which are fantastic), I love getting suggestions for stories. I have a deep interest in the teenage years but I have one teenager, and she’s a girl. What I write is often prompted by my own life, and I really appreciate hearing what others want to read. We had plans for these kinds of stories that Cath has suggested, but her email has spurred me on to get onto it sooner. If you have any other suggestions for content you would like to see on The Kids Are All Right, please email me here.

This was posted by Kristin last night on Facebook, and gave me a real chuckle:

“At last a useful website for parenting that doesn’t involve cute furniture, baby clothes, complaints about childcare and maternity fashion.”

Those sites obviously have their place (mums love ’em!) but yes, we all moved on a while ago and there really hasn’t been anything catering for that next stage of parenthood.

Thank you to all of the readers here who go out of your way to contact us or leave a comment. It means a lot.




  1. I’m a fairly new reader of The Kids Are All Right, but I’m so glad I found it as I have three girls, the eldest is 15 and we’re just starting to deal with a lot of the issues discussed on your site. It’s been really helpful reading sensible, research based information. My kids are also “Gifted” (I hate that label too), the youngest classified “Highly Gifted” which just means she’s exhausting to live with – constantly questioning everything about the world around her – so thank you for writing about gifted education. Your comment about bloggers being more comfortable with commenting is correct, but also sometimes you’ve covered everything so well in your article that there ain’t much to say except I agree, well said!

    • Oh Emma, I’m sure you could offer so much more insight into the issues around ‘gifted and talented’ programs than I’ve been able to. It sounds like you really have your hands full. Feel free to offer your insights and experiences as well, anytime. Start a thread on the forum if you like! I’m so happy to have you as a new reader, and thrilled that you find the site useful and that you’ve commented today – thank you so much 🙂

      • I should also say my youngest is a constant source of joy and she has a truly wicked sense of humour!
        I’ve never joined a forum before but I might start a thread as you suggested.



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