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Internet fail – how I let my teenager down

By Rachel Hynes. I can’t shake the feeling that I may have let my teenager down when it came to how we handled the Internet in our house. In 1998, the year my daughter was born, it really was a new frontier. Australia was one of a handful of countries with a significant number of.. Read more

What’s your top concern? 2013 Reader Survey results

In February, we ran our first reader survey on parenting teenagers, to help us get a better understanding of the issues you are concerned about so we can provide you with better content. We thought you might be interested in reading some of our results. What concerns you most? Considering the many column inches devoted.. Read more

Teaching girls to prioritise function over form for better body image

By Bree Abbott, Murdoch University The body is a gateway to experiencing and exploring the world. It’s the first thing people see when they look at us and it’s the canvas on which we express who we are. But the relationship we have with our bodies, or our body image, can change over time and.. Read more

Putting a square family in a round hole

By Rachel Hynes. In NSW state schools, there is an enrollment form parents submit when their child starts a new school. I was filling it out this year for my five-year-old and found myself getting irritated again. The last time I completed it was when my teenager moved high schools. What’s nuts about this form.. Read more

“Kids are human beings, whose lives belong to them and no one else” Reader spotlight – Mimbles

This is the first post in our new feature where we profile one of our readers. We’re starting with someone who has been with us from the very early days. Mimbles is a wonderful contributor to The Kids Are All Right community in general and the forum in particular. When Mimbles gives advice, shares her.. Read more

Breaking up is hard to do – especially for teenagers

By Rachel Hynes. It was more than 25 years ago but I remember the moment clearly, despite forgetting so many other things between then and now. It was evening, I was lying down on my bed. My face hurt from hours of crying, my body was doing those shuddering breaths caused by a bout of.. Read more