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“The greatest challenge is keeping up with the changes” Reader Spotlight – Allymum

This week we are shining the reader spotlight on Allymum, a very valued member of The Kids Are All Right forum who thinks about the big issues. We love how proactive she is, sharing resources and links she has found, and posting thought-provoking questions and answers. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your.. Read more

Share the Cleaning Week 2 – Lazy? Or just disinterested?

By Emma Toomey. 74% of mums say their teenager is extremely, very or somewhat lazy, according to the recent Newspoll VIVA Share the Cleaning Survey. But are our kids lazy? Or just disinterested? Remember, this was a survey about cleaning. No one wants to clean. If it had been a survey about how often your.. Read more

Bullying – If you see it, call it

On the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, beyondblue is spreading the message to teenagers and adults alike: “If you see it, call it”. beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell says we have a responsibility to report any cyberbullying we see on social media. “It’s not difficult to do. On a Facebook page for example,.. Read more

Mums do cleaning rather than ask teens

A national Newspoll survey commissioned by cleaning brand VIVA has revealed that 70 per cent of mums find it easier to do the cleaning in their home rather than having to ask their teenagers to help out. When almost a third of mums said that people not cleaning up after themselves is the quality they.. Read more

Share the Cleaning Week 1 – Breaking the news to the kids

By Emma Toomey. There is a great, untapped source of cleaning help in the family home that us mums simply are not taking advantage of. The TEENAGER. The VIVA Share the Cleaning survey showed that mums spend on average 14.5 hours per week doing household chores versus teenagers who spend 1.5 hours. (I’d be really.. Read more

BlossyBloom bras – because girls are perfect the way they are

[Sponsored] Two years ago, Josie Chapman took her 11-year-old daughter shopping for her first bra. It was not the special event it could have been. Josie refused to buy her daughter a padded bra, and anything mum liked, the tween rejected as something her Nanna would wear. They simply could not find a bra that.. Read more

Sex, drugs and illness: why teens need medical confidentiality

By Rony Duncan, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute What qualities do you most want your doctor to have? Good medical knowledge? Honesty? Good listening skills? Empathy? You probably want your doctor to have all of these traits – and teenagers are no different. But young people also place a high priority on confidentiality; a particular concern.. Read more

The importance of unconditional self-acceptance

In our recent reader survey, you said self-esteem was a top 3 concern in parenting your teenagers. We’re committed to bringing you more articles on this topic, starting with this one by teenage coach Ray Mathis, who explains the connection between shame and self-esteem, according to Rational emotive behavior therapy. What is shame? Shame is what.. Read more

Why I march for my child – PFLAG parents on Mardi Gras Day

On Mardi Gras day in Sydney, we share some loving words from parents who march with PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. “Here was my beautiful boy with his happy carefree face, full of love. I hugged him and told him how much I loved him and thanked him for making this.. Read more