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Scary movies and teens {‘Patrick’ giveaway}

What is it with teens and scary movies? Most horror films are made for teens, and are mostly about teens, usually to do with them meeting a gruesome, untimely, but rarely surprising end. If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween movie night this month, we’ve collected a few articles that might help you manage your.. Read more

Fitting, buying, caring for bras {Giveaway}

Sales assistants whipping open curtains, frayed straps and tangled underwear drawers. Oh yes, there’s an ugly side to buying, wearing and caring for bras. Most of which we find out the hard way. For some essential wisdom to pass on to our teenage daughters, we turned to a woman who seriously loves bras. So much.. Read more

Teenager’s guide to babysitting – Updated

Babysitting is one of the most popular jobs for teenagers. There is no legal age for when a teenager may start babysitting, and parents are probably the best judge of whether their child is ready and responsible enough. How to find babysitting work for teenagers Having a connection with the family that requires babysitting is.. Read more

Pocket money for teenagers

By Joely Mitchell. How much pocket money is enough for your teenager? What should their allowance cover? Should parents continue to pay for their kids’ mobile phone bills and clothes, or should teenagers be expected to pay for these out of their own monthly allowance, to teach them budgeting skills? There are many ways for.. Read more