Scary movies and teens {‘Patrick’ giveaway}

What is it with teens and scary movies? Most horror films are made for teens, and are mostly about teens, usually to do with them meeting a gruesome, untimely, but rarely surprising end.

If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween movie night this month, we’ve collected a few articles that might help you manage your own child or teenager’s thirst for bloodsuckers, zombies and axe-murderers.

  • Common Sense Media gives tips for parents of high school kids, including that your teen might be more ready than you think, but to be careful of the message: “Many scary movies now pair horrific graphic violence with sexual situations – not a great combination for kids exploring newfound sexuality.”
  • Worried about your kid’s fondness for scary movies? In the Entertainment Weekly article, Making the case for scary movies for kids, writer Anthony Breznican argues that it’s good to scare kids a little.
  • This Halloween, if you are planning on watching one of the 15 classic horror films listed in this article, know that they are based on a true story. Which makes them even scarier, don’t you think?

Halloween giveaway – double passes to see Patrick

Patrick the MoviePatrick tells the story of a ‘special case’ at a private hospital for the clinically comatose, and Kathy, a young nurse who takes over his care. Before long it becomes apparent that Patrick has telepathic powers and his affections for Kathy turn into a deadly and bloody obsession, letting no one get in his way.

This updated version of the 1978 Australian classic horror film stars Sharni Vinson (Step Up 3D, Bait 3D, You’re Next), Academy Award® nominee Rachel Griffiths (Hilary and Jackie, Six Feet Under, Muriel’s Wedding) and Charles Dance (Game Of Thrones, Gosford Park, Alien 3).

Crikey calls Patrick “high voltage Ozploitation”, and “a scorcher — a cattle prod to the senses”. Hollywood Reporter says it is “a superior, effectively nerve-rattling update”: “Pacing is spot-on, ramping up to a final-act crescendo of pedal-to-the-metal midnight madness”.

Thanks to Umbrella Entertainment, we have five double passes to see Patrick at any participating cinema. Simply email us at with your name and delivery address details, before midnight tonight (Wednesday 23 October).

We’ll draw five winners tomorrow and send the tickets in the overnight mail. (The Kids Are All Right is not responsible for lost or undelivered prizes.)

NOTE: THESE TICKETS MUST BE USED BY NEXT WEDNESDAY, 30 OCTOBER. Please don’t enter if you don’t think you can use the tickets before they are invalid.

Check out the trailer for Patrick



  1. Allowing your tween/teen to watch horrors is all up the parent and there opinion on their child. If the child is emotionally mature enough to watch the movie and not let it affect them then by all means they should be able to watch to the movie. But if the child suffers with night terrors and believes everything it sees then maybe not . Great post. I myself will be check out the movie without the kids first.



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