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Better access to booking healthcare

Why do we have to wait until business hours to book something as essential as healthcare?
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By Rachel Hynes.

There’s a saying: the darkest hour is just before the dawn. It is a hopeful message, meaning that feeling your worst is often followed by a positive change. But anyone who has ever experienced anxiety or depression (and there’s a lot of us) can read this quite literally. For many, the feelings are worse at night. People may get through their day, busy at work and occupied with routine tasks, but in the quiet of evening what’s inside speaks louder.

Also, the evening is very often the first opportunity we get in a busy day to do something about our problem. It’s something we’ve seen on The Kids Are All Right forum. Parents posting late in the evening, in need of advice or support. Their teenagers have behavioural issues, perhaps anxiety or depression, and they are sometimes desperately worried and at wits end.

In these cases, our first advice is to get professional help. It’s what the psychologists we consult with at The Kids All Right say, and it’s what I, personally, as a mum who has engaged mental health professionals for a long time for myself and others in the family, would always do when things got tough.

It might be the kids’ behaviour that is causing the parents grief, but sometimes – often – us parents need help too. A professional ear so we are not carrying the burden alone. Professional help to respond to and deal with their teenager in a constructive way.

But it’s 10.00pm at night. When you have finally faced the truth that your family needs professional help or you’ve worked up the courage to reach out, you now have to wait until morning to do anything. Actually, you have to wait till sometime between 9.00am and 5.00pm the next day when GPs and counselling businesses are open …. and you are busy at work.

This is how people put off taking action to help themselves – the system very often isn’t set up to be available when they need it most, when it suits them best.

And even if you do find a way to make time to make the appointment, you may have to leave the building to do it, because when all you can do is phone a healthcare provider, you do not have the privacy you might need.

1st Available is trying to change that. 1st Available’s vision is to forever improve access to healthcare for all Australians, by giving us the power to book healthcare when we need to and not just during a centre’s “opening hours”, in the way that suits us best in 2013 – which is online.

We can book our holidays or a restaurant table online, so why not something as essential as healthcare?

Healthcare providers need to be convinced that this is what we want. Which means we need to sign up in droves to show them. Please register your details at to be part of the movement to put us and our health needs first. For your convenience, 1st Available can let you know the moment a healthcare provider in your area joins their service.

And as further incentive for you to register your details and show healthcare providers we want to make appointments online, 1st Available is giving away 12 months’ free health insurance with a provider of your choice.



Have you ever been inconvenienced by the limited ways we can book healthcare?

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  1. 1st available is such a great idea. As is the way you shared it in this post. Which by the way gives some great tips as well.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT
    Rhianna recently posted..A recap of recent times editionMy Profile

  2. This is a great perspective for 1st available, I never really thought of it like that. I often say I will make an appointment tomorrow, but never get around to it. I do like the privacy aspect of the service, sometimes when you are anxious the last person you want to speak to is the receptionist who has a knack for making you feel worse.
    Eleise recently posted..Bio Mums V’s Step MumsMy Profile

  3. Great idea. Booking any sort of healthcare can be a bit of an obstacle course that doesn’t always end in a positive result. Will have to check out 1st available and see what they are all about xx
    Josefa from #teamIBOT
    Josefa @always Josefa recently posted..The Tarot of RoutineMy Profile

  4. What a great post and certainly a fantastic idea. As you say, often the times when we are available to see those who can help us, nobody is working.
    Thanks for this post – hopefully people who need this will find it.
    Have the best day !

  5. This is awesome. I hadn’t heard about this before. Such a great idea, because making those phone calls during business hours can be so inconvenient, easily forgotten, or awkward. I’m signing up. x

  6. Thanks for the info
    and yeah as a Mother and Wife
    there are really times when I get depressed and anxious.
    I oftentimes get depressed when I start to think of the time when my only child would go to college and leave us.
    Ann recently posted..Blue and White Dining Room with a ViewMy Profile

  7. It’s such a scary scenario…having no access to health facilities late at night.
    1st Available are doing amazing work!
    Grace recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – “I Wanna Be A Fireman”My Profile

  8. Hadn’t thought of it like this in terms of mental health, but you are so right. Love the idea of first available.
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..More Than A BloggerMy Profile

  9. It’s certainly been my experience that the nights can be long… and decisions to help can be made at night time. I have been so lucky that when everyone’s asleep in Australia my two sisters are awake in Scotland! But can see that making an appt at night is ideal, and would make it much easier to get to sleep at last.
    Seana Smith recently posted..Apex Park Playground, Mona Vale – The Northern Beaches’ Best PlaygroundsMy Profile



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