Fitting, buying, caring for bras {Giveaway}

Sales assistants whipping open curtains, frayed straps and tangled underwear drawers. Oh yes, there’s an ugly side to buying, wearing and caring for bras. Most of which we find out the hard way.

For some essential wisdom to pass on to our teenage daughters, we turned to a woman who seriously loves bras. So much so, she designed the bra storage system Bra-Voe that recently won a 2013 Sydney Design Award.

Helena Crumpton believes that although this time may be a little awkward or embarrassing for some girls and their parents, helping our daughters find the perfect fitting bra is important to their health and wellbeing. Parents can also use the opportunity to pass on positive messages about their daughter’s body image and teach them good habits for the rest of their life.

Buying a bra

  • Ask a bra fitting professional to help you find the right size, to ensure your daughter gains the best fit and support.
  • The perfect fitting bra ensures breasts sit in the ideal position to help prevent back and shoulder ache.
  • After many wears of a bra, it can become stretched or loose. Always buy a bra which fastens on one of the two loosest hooks. If the bra stretches due to wear, you can then tighten it using the closer hooks.
  • It’s always best to try on a bra before buying it, or if buying it online, make sure there’s a good returns policy. The size and fit of a bra can vary between brands.
  • If the back of your bra is riding up and the front is sagging, the band size may be too small. The back of a bra should run in a straight line all the way around the body.

Caring for a bra

  • Teach your daughter how to wash bras correctly to prevent them from being damaged. When using a washing machine it’s important to place the bra in a wash bag and use a delicate wash cycle with a mild detergent.
  • Show your daughter how to store her bras to keep them in good condition. Storing bras on a Bra-Voe is a great way to prevent bras from being tangled or damaged and helps bras to maintain their shape. They can be mounted on a wall, in a drawer or on a shelf, and are available in three sizes.



Bra-Voe bra storage system

We are giving away an award-winning Bra-Voe storage solution. Founder Helena Crumpton spent six years perfecting the innovative concept, which uses specially designed moulded cups to maintain the shape and contour of bras. The Bra-Voe can be mounted on a wall, in a drawer or on a shelf, and is available in three sizes. Read more at

To win, make sure you are on our newsletter list and leave a comment below about a good or bad bra buying experience, or a handy tip you’ve learned along the way about finding the perfect bra or caring for your bras.

Fine print:

We’ll choose a winner on Tuesday 29 October. Winner will be notified by email and published in our newsletter. The Kids Are All Right will not replace any lost or stolen prize items. Prize will only be awarded to residents of Australian and delivered to addresses within Australia no later than eight weeks. Prize only includes the Bra-Voe, not the bras in this picture.

Have you had a horror bra fitting experience?
What tips can you share for finding the perfect bra?
What nugget of wisdom have you learned along the way about buying, wearing and caring bras that you will pass on to your daughter?

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Robyn Wheeler.



  1. I had a fabulous trip to a bra shop last year. I walked in thinking I knew my bra size as I had been measured 3 times at different bra shops. Turns out they were way off and the right fit looked absolutely amazing. You could be forgiven for thinking I had breast implants!
    Becc recently posted..Bliss ListMy Profile

  2. Only just recently I was refitted for bras after losing some weight. Whole style of bras I am now wearing has changed and they are so comfortable.

    Love the Bra-Voe. What an innovative product for women.
    Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors recently posted..Lunchbox StationMy Profile

  3. I must say I absolutely HATE bra shopping, but at the same time I can’t wait till I’ve finished breastfeeding to invest in some really decent bras. I still have not found a great maternity bra sadly but hopefully one day soon, its a neverending quest!
    Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted..My Top 5… Celebrity CrushesMy Profile

  4. I tend to fit a straight size so I just order mine online from Oroton! I hate people fiddling around in a change room!
    Jody at Six Little Hearts recently posted..Introducing…The Scentsy Experience…My Profile

  5. To be quite honest, I’ve had very few bra fittings in my life, I think the only one was when I was pregnant looking for maternity bras!
    Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy recently posted..Conquering the Loneliness of Being a Stay At Home Parent #MummyMondaysMy Profile

  6. I always get fitted, and have no shame after having three kids – and BFing them all! I have to say I was very happy to get back into my underwire, although it was very uncomfy to start with!
    Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..What don’t you want your children to know about you?My Profile

  7. I went and shopped at a few stores before choosing an assistant I knew would hit it off with miss 12, as she was struggling with sizing and comfort. She was so nervous, but the lady turned it into a very special experience for her! So worth doing!

  8. At 21 weeks pregnant, my mummy mammaries are falling out all over the place! It seems that’s the first place I grow and I’m in desperate need to have a good bra fitting. I am not an underwire fan.
    Kaz @ Melting Moments recently posted..Love prevails – The wedding will go on!My Profile

  9. Well for some reason some of the bras i wear hurt my back after a while. I think i really need to get my size checked.

  10. I have very large boobs and have never been that comfortable with them. My first bra was one my mum had in her drawer- a very old one of hers…not a great start! My daughter is 11 and I will be taking her off for a fitting! I think it’s nearly time (she’s wearing crop top type things) I’d love a word of mouth referral.
    Anyway, I dont tend to make time to get bra fittings, recently I was going to Canberra and put a call out on a facebook group i am in “Can any one recommend a bra shop that have larger sizes?”. Well. I went there and it was amazing. I have been wearing a 20 or 22 e, not the 18H (didn’t even know that you could get H cups) I was fitted in. Who knew what a different a proper fitting bra would do for me? I have bought new clothes, been more aware of taking care of my appearance. Next new bra I am definitely going to a specialist shop.

  11. That’s a very cool bra stand.
    My eldest is jsut on the verge of developing so we’re not quite there with her yet, but not far off!
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..Thinking about PizzaMy Profile

  12. Michelle V says:

    I have only been fitted professionally a couple of times and hated it both times.
    I am an extremely shy person, so it didn’t help when, on the first occassion, the sales lady decided she would just pull open the curtain of the fitting room as I stood there naked from the waist up. I was mortified. I was only in my very early 20’s (getting fitted for a suitable bra as I was going to be bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding). The rest of the bridal party, including relatives of my future-brother-in-law, got a great view.
    The second time was after I’d had my kids. I was no longer as shy, but the sales person was rude, and demanding. I still don’t know if I am wearing the right sized bra’s but they feel ok for the most part..

  13. I’ve learned that there’s nothing more frustrating than pulling out my bra drawer in the morning before work to find only the small, ill-fitting bras left because I’m behind in doing the washing.

  14. Nothing good or bad to report – I just go in myself and hope for the best.

  15. Kirsten W says:

    Your bra should provide good bust support and shouldn’t flatten or squash your boobs. Your breasts should appear separated and fit clearly into each cup. Remember – lift and separate!

  16. I went to Victoria Secret when I was on holiday to buy a bra, the sales lady grabbed a measuring tape and said I was a DD, thinking their sizing is different I’m a D ) didn’t try it on in the store, when I id put it on too big. You would think Victoria Secret knew how to fit bras. Went into Bras n things here no measuring tape in sight, they had me trying them on.

  17. Emily Rose says:

    I have always been happy with my experiences when buying bras in regards to the salespeople, but my breasts are not my friends! One is smaller than the other and I feel that they are strangely shaped – as much as I try and buy I have still never achieved that Victorias Secret look

  18. Nicole Morris says:

    i have trouble finding a bra that fits. i have a large bust and find it a difficult and frustrating experience when going shopping for a bra. finding that perfect bra seems impossible.

  19. Having purchased my 20DD red bra at the underwear department, I proceeded to exit the department store. As I exited, the store alarm beeped! A young salesman came over and preceded to check my docket and said, it was probably the security devise on my bra. So he whips it out in the middle of the store and proves, by flinging it backwards and forwards through the security doors, that this was what was making the alarm go off. He then takes it back, unwrapped, to the counter to deactivate the security.All this time he was oblivious to how many people were watching and looking at my large red bra! To make matters worse, my 15 year daughter was with me- she was mortified…

  20. I have never liked buy underwear, especially bras. I was complex as a teenager because I develop breasts earlier than most of my friends. I started wearing bras (too) late and would wear oversized tops to hide. I also develop back problems from trying to hide my breasts.
    Cyndie recently posted..What Exactly Is Garcinia Cambogia? (Sponsored Post)My Profile

  21. Barbara Fehmel says:

    I looked in the mirror after a day out in town in a tight Jumper. There was one BOOB about an inch lower than the other.

  22. Falon Downing says:

    So far just about every time I’ve bought a bra it’s been a bad experience! =\



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