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Two years ago, Josie Chapman took her 11-year-old daughter shopping for her first bra. It was not the special event it could have been. Josie refused to buy her daughter a padded bra, and anything mum liked, the tween rejected as something her Nanna would wear. They simply could not find a bra that they both agreed on.

After a long day trawling countless stores, they returned home empty-handed and frustrated.

The BlossyBloom Team Bek, Josie and Jo

The BlossyBloom team – Bek, Josie and Jo – understand the frustration of trying to buy age-appropriate bras

Speaking to other mums, Josie realised she wasn’t alone in her frustration, and a business idea was born. She would create a range of beautiful and comfortable bras for the ‘first bra’ market that girls will love to wear and mums will be happy to buy.

Two mums she spoke to – Rebekah Hancock and Jo Konstandinou – loved the idea so much, they came on board. After two years of many late nights and long weekends making samples, testing bras and building a website and business, BlossyBloom was officially launched in January 2013.

We spoke with Jo Konstandinou about this new range of bras for tween and young teenage girls.

Tell us a bit more about the BlossyBloom bra – what makes it different to other bras?

BlossyBloom has made the decision not to have padding in its bras. Our mantra is ‘you are perfect the way you are’, so we don’t believe that we should make girls look older or more developed then they really are.

Nina collection offers simple designs

The Nina bra is simple and elegant with no seams, perfect for under t-shirts.

We have 17 different designs and each are available with matching knickers, so girls are sure to find a design that they will love. We also want mum to be happy, so our range is age appropriate, affordable and good quality.

At present, mums and daughters can buy online, or if they are in Victoria, we are running BlossyBloom parties.

Why do we need BlossyBloom bras?

BlossyBloom bags

BlossyBloom bras and knickers come in a special bag with an affirmation card

We believe that the experience of getting your first bra should be a memorable one – for all the right reasons. It is also a chance for mum and daughter to share a special experience together.

The three of us are all working mums and sometimes the thought of clothes shopping with our kids seems more like a chore than an opportunity to spend some quality time together. So we wanted to create a nice experience for girls and their mums, whether they were purchasing online or at a party.

All our bras and knickers come gift-wrapped inside a little BlossyBloom bag which contains an affirmation card with some words of wisdom for your daughter on one side, and her name on the other.

At a BlossyBloom party, we encourage the host to make it a special night with food and drinks for the girls. We bring the whole range, and talk to girls in a fun and informative way about bras and how do you know when you need one, and how to put on a bra and so on. And then mum and daughter get a chance to look at the range in a relaxed environment and girls can get fitted properly and we talk to the mums about sizing and the right fit too. It’s a really lovely environment for girls to learn about ‘secret women’s business’.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Our material supplier provides us with swatches and we look to European trends and discuss the swatches with each other, our daughters and friends. Our daughters certainly let us know what they like, but we also want to make sure we have some patterns that mum probably prefer as well – simpler pastels for under school uniforms, for example.
Now that we have started selling, we are getting the best feedback possible – from the girls and mums who are purchasing. We have already sold out of a few designs in the 8A size, so we now know that Aqua Bliss and Fleur de Rose are crowd favourites!

Allegria range of first bras from BlossyBloom

Allegria in Latin means cheerful, and the Allegria range is bright, bold, full of colour and patterns, inspired by European trends.

If BlossyBloom bras have no underwire or padding, are they just for girls with size A and B cups?

Our sizes are 8A, B, C; 10AA, A, B, C; 12AA, A, B, C; and 14 A and B. If a girl is larger than a 14B then we believe she needs the extra support and we would suggest this to a mother at a party. We are looking at extending our range in the future to different types of bras, such as the balconette style and we have been asked if we can make a sports bra for girls too.

How can girls buy a first bra online if they don’t know their size?

We have a ‘Fitting Room’ on our site which has a measuring guide. Mums can measure their daughters at home with a tape measure and we give instructions on how to do this. They plug in the two numbers to our website and it will give them their size.

BlossyBloom online fitting room

The BlossyBloom online fitting room helps girls discover their size to ensure a well fitting bra.

What has been the feedback to your bras and knickers so far?

Fantastic! Mums really get the concept and appreciate what we are doing. I think there are many mums out there like us who don’t want their girls to be in bras that make them look older. The girls also tell us that the bras are very comfy when they try them on. As we are face-to-face with our customers at parties, we really get honest and open feedback from the mums and girls.

Do you have plans for putting BlossyBloom into stores?

We would love to have our beautiful bras in stores nationally. As we are trying to create an experience for mums and daughters when they come into contact with our brand, we need to make sure that we work through how this experience would take place in retail. It is part of the longer term plan for BlossyBloom.

What is the goal or mission of BlossyBloom?

We want to be the number one bra choice of ‘young blossoms’ throughout Australia. We offer beautiful and comfy bras that girls want to wear and mums are happy to buy. We will go that extra mile to make the discovery and purchase process as memorable as possible.


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If you have a tween or teen daughter, can you relate to Josie’s experience when buying her daughter’s first bra?

How was your own experience as a young woman?




  1. With two teen girls (13 & 15), we have experienced the frustration of finding non underwire, non granny bras that are pretty, as well as good everyday bras that won’t show under white school shirts. The only ones we’ve found cost around $45 each. I’ll definitely show Blossy Bloom to my girls and get them to choose a bra each to try.
    Emma recently posted..Stirling East Country Fair 2013My Profile

    • Hi Emma, I think there will be a lot of mums who relate to this experience. Are you a subscriber to our newsletter? There will be a discount code included this week so make sure you keep an eye out for it 🙂

  2. What a great product! And at a really good pricepoint too. I remember the humilating experience of my first purchase, and it was of the nanna-bra variety in a nanna fitting shop. I remember my mum being horrified by the cost (upwards of $35), since I barely even ‘needed’ it yet was self-conscious in white shirts. Making the experience comfortable for young girls is such an important part of the process. My girls are a good few years off this yet, but I’m really pleased products like this are being made now. Phew.

    • Me too Kim – I was shocked when I went shopping for the teen’s first bra to find most were push-up bras, and those that weren’t all had serious padding. I think it’s improved a bit in the past couple of years because we’ve found a couple of decent ones, but it was not easy. I wish this business was around a few years ago!

  3. I have to say, both Miss 16 and I prefer a bit of padding in our bras – mainly so nobody can tell if our headlights are on!
    Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..WIN a Family Pass to Room on the Broom!My Profile

    • Ha! That made me laugh Janet. I see your point (no pun intended) and feel the same way at this age. But I remember when I was a young-un and first bras were very plain and simple and I don’t recall it being a problem then 🙂

    • Hi Janet, just wanted to add to this comment that we bought a couple of the bras, and they have a double layer of very good quality stretchy material so I imagine that will help with this issue 🙂

  4. How awesome is this – my daughter is a good few years off this but I’ll keep it in mind for sure! I HATED my first bar, so horrible and uncomfy and embarrassing! Emily
    Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..I’m coming out of the closet to admit I can cook – seriously – check out these puppies!My Profile

  5. What a great product!
    i got my daughter a couple of training bras last year, but the seams are very obvious. I’m loving the look of the tshirt bras instead
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..Turning AwesomeMy Profile

  6. Such a wonderful product, and I love that they have no padding and are not sexy or racey.


  7. nice product, its really comfortable.
    Mariha Ijaz @online shopping australia recently posted..Summer special Women’s online shopping in Australia ?My Profile



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