Unique parent and teen holiday activity {sponsored}

Coming up with new and interesting things to do with my teenager is a bit of a favourite pastime. In the past few years, we’ve done:

  • Zumba – unsuccessful, due to fellow Zumbite who didn’t understand personal space and my teen’s dislike of dancing
  • high tea at the Queen Victoria Building – successful due to deliciousness
  • a weekend in Melbourne for window shopping and eating – SUCCESSFUL, d’uh
  • an afternoon at a traditional Turkish bathhouse – a unique and awesome experience, and therefore, most successful.

If she hadn’t abandoned us for France, I’d be whisking the teenager away to Brisbane for a weekend to see this incredible modern art exhibition. Look at this photo!

Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth

Now look at it again! I can’t STOP looking at it.

If you live in or near Brisbane, or like me, are willing to travel to prove to your teen you love them even though you switch off the modem at night, a visit to the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) would be an excellent adventure.

Cai Guo-Qiang is considered one of the most innovative figures in contemporary art. Exclusive to QAGOMA, Falling Back to Earth is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Australia, and it will run from 23 November 2013 to 11 May 2014.

My teenaged niece and nephew (who I am ‘borrowing’ now my own teen is out of the picture) agree it looks amazing. If you have younger kids, there are special activities aimed at younger ones that will enrich the experience.

View this short and exciting video on Cai Guo-Qiang’s work. There’s fire, there are fireworks, there are animals. Something for the whole family!

And check out the QAGOMA website for more details about this amazing exhibition.

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  1. Great ideas for short breaks for teens – and really great parenting ideas. I love the GOMA exhibition idea so much, I want to go and see it for myself.

  2. Oh that looks really good. It’s always good to have an event to hang a city break off.



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