He started it!

He started it! - by April (14)By April-Rose, 14.

I’m not perfect. And I know that as the eldest child I’m expected to be … but I think that I can say on behalf of all older teenage siblings that even though we are more mature, responsible, and ‘should know better’, we’re not always going to politely ask our younger sibling who is violently attacking our faces with a Nerf gun to stop.

I’m sorry, but it’s not going to happen.

And if my little brother steals my diary, spills tomato sauce on my just-finished assignment or informs me that I have a rat face, then I will not, under any circumstances, walk away and be the ‘bigger person’. I will prove to him that I really am the bigger person, maybe with a few pinches on his arm or a nice big shove. And that’s when the injustice plays out. Because it’s at that point that you walk in, when my younger, melodramatic sibling is on the floor bawling his eyes out and accusing me of assault. When in fact I was just making things right, and distributing the deserved punishment for his criminal (okay, maybe not criminal but extremely aggravating) acts. The following conversation usually goes exactly like this. Every single time.

‘April, is it true that you pushed him?’

‘But muuuuuuum I had to! He was going to rip the whole bloody book in half!’

‘So you resorted to violence ?’

‘Yes but-‘

‘April. How old are you?’


‘And how old is Le-oule?’


And then you pick him up, and carry him out to make sure the little devil is ‘feeling okay’.  Might I just remind you that it was HIM not ME that initiated the argument and I was simply doing what you always tell me to do – end it. Quickly and simply. As the older sibling you also tell me that in those situations I should just walk away, tell him to stop or suggest another activity. Been there. Done that. Doesn’t work. I am an energetic, independent teenager with very little time to complete homework and assignments, so in moments of stress, if my little brother does something to PURPOSELY annoy me, I will snap. And there is no age limit to that.


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  1. Oh April it is tough isn’t it? I am the oldest as well so I know what you mean. I am also a mum now to so there is a part of me that does also go, well they are only little!

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely, great post and thanks for sharing
    Rhianna recently posted..I must confess that birthday parties wear me outMy Profile

  2. Oh, April! So great to hear things from the older sibling! Being expected to have so much responsibility yet restraint when it comes to your younger brother would be tough.
    Beautifully and powerfully written!
    Grace recently posted..The Piano ManMy Profile

  3. April, as an older sister myself I feel your pain. But you also remind me that as a parent my actions/words are important! A great post April, funny but making an important point.
    Janine Fitzpatrick recently posted..HappinessMy Profile

  4. April, nicely put and I’m totally with you on this one. Hopefully your parents will read this and come to realise that they’re the ones responsible for supervising and entertaining your younger siblings, not you.

  5. Oh I love it April! And it’s all soooo true! MY POOR KIDS!

    I PROMISE I will take more notice of the little terror initiating the ‘act of violence’ from now on. I know who he is, and I know I really must step back and let the sibling arguments be handled by the siblings sometimes!!

    Brilliant post!

    Miss Cinders x
    Miss Cinders recently posted..things i know – the eighteen editionMy Profile

  6. Congratulations April on not only a wonderful post but on winning the Teen Blogging Competition.
    I have a darling boy that has just gone out of his teenage years and turned 20 and just like you he has a way of making me understand how it really feels to be walking in his shoes. Thankyou for the insight into your life and for reminding us mums of how things might really be. Congratulations again April and job well done. Much
    Mum Talks Autism recently posted..Microsoft Office 365 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY with Mum Talks AutismMy Profile

  7. Hi April!
    Congratulations on your awesome blog and on winning this competition! As the oldest of four kids, I feel your pain! My pet peeve growing up was trying to be unique and individual while my little sister copied everything I did and tried to take credit for it. My parents would always tell me to take it as a compliment, that copying was how she learnt, and that as the older one I was expected to be the ‘bigger person’ and just deal with it, but it is not always that easy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and getting involved in National Youth Week, hope to see more of your work in the future!
    SA Young Member for National Youth Week 2013.



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