Ask an Expert: How positive do you feel about this generation of students?

How positive do you feel about the abilities and personalities of the current generation of students?

The capabilities and creativity of young people constantly amazes me but doesn’t surprise me. From the one year olds who learn how to swipe and engage with apps on an iPad to the students who are creating purposeful projects to contribute back to the world, young people are capable of thoughtful, creative and sophisticated work.

The founding principal of High Tech High, Larry Rosenstock, was in Australia recently speaking at our PBL World Australia conference. High Tech High selects students from a state lottery. The only thing they know about the student is their postcode. Why? Because they don’t want to ‘mispredict’ what their learners are capable of.

If we didn’t bring society’s or our own judgements to the table when we think about the possibilities for our children, just think what could happen?

This is what we need to bring to schooling – the conditions, frameworks and strategies to help young people thrive in a rapidly changing world. The world is different – schools need to be different too.

Greg Whitby is the executive director of 78 schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and author of Educating Gen Wi-fi: How to make schools relevant for 21st century learners.

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