Teen writers ebook – 2013 Teenage Blogging Competition

For the second year of our blogging competition for high school students, we asked teenagers to tell us parents anything we needed to hear. We picked five posts to feature each day of National Youth Week, but really, it is impossible to judge a teenager’s heartfelt words to parents. All kids have something valuable to say.

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Our five prize winners

He started it! by April-Rose, aged 14

Parents shouldn’t have unreasonable expectations, by Spinner, aged 14

The computer is not where my brain goes to die, by Robert, aged 15

Stop fighting! I am hurt, by Eva, aged 15

Sticks and stones may break our bones but words will leave us scarred, by Shari, aged 17

Highly commended

The Perfect Parent – a 10 Step Recipe, by Scarlett, aged 13

All the time in the world, by Samara, aged 13




  1. What a fantastic idea to turn it into an e-book! Can’t wait to read it.
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