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My name is Lisa, I’m a writer and a parent of three boys. My eldest is almost 14 and as a parent of a teenage boy I see a tiny taste of his life and of the emotional and physical challenges that face him. I also get frustrated with how he approaches these challenges and sometimes want to shake him (in a loving way!) to show him how the world is his oyster and that he should grab it tightly with both hands and run with it. Just like I would if I could have my time over. The tyranny of hindsight.

Teenage boys

“I want to show him how the world is his oyster and that he should grab it tightly with both hands and run with it.” Writer Lisa Schofield is writing a book for teenage boys and needs your help.
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So I’m writing a book for teenage boys – that’s just for them and not their parents – where I tackle some of the challenges and try to show them how incredible they are and how exciting it is to have their future ahead of them.

But I can’t write it on my own, and my thoughts and concerns aren’t universal. I have been working with boys’ high schools and talking to fine young year 11 and year 12 students. But I’d really appreciate any thoughts you have about the challenges facing teenage boys today and what you think they need to hear about and want to hear about.

This book won’t be a hard-to-read text book, but rather something light and conversational. So I’m not tackling subjects with in-depth research or expert opinion because what 13- or 14-year-old would read that? But it will be translating the expert opinion into something readable for them while I still have their attention.

In summary –

For parents of younger teenage boys (12-15)
I would welcome any thoughts you have about (in your opinion):

  • What issues or situations cause stress for your teenage son?
  • What challenges does your son face?
  • What does your son need to hear more about?
  • What does your son want to hear more about?
  • How do you motivate your son now and what works?
  • What one message do you want to pass on to your son?

And for parents of older boys (16+):

  • What lessons did your son learn as he grew up?
  • What would he do differently if he was younger based on what he knows now?
  • What has helped your son be the young man he is today?

If anyone is able to share their thoughts, I’d be eternally grateful. All comments will be anonymous and won’t be referenced in my book, however will contribute to overall themes and ideas. My contact details are:,  twitter at @lisaschofield2 or Facebook as Lisa Schofield – Writer.

Thanks again for your help.



  1. Wow! This is such a great idea. I have boys 16 and one 14 so will ask them to help me answer these questions.

    • Thanks so much Kaylee, and thanks for your awesome feedback. I got all goose pimply when I read your comments. You’re a star!!!



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