Support and advice for parents of teenagers

When our kids start high school we can lose touch with other parents. Our teenagers start to arrange their own social lives, and schools provide fewer opportunities to meet, mix and chat with parents.

At the same time, the challenges of parenting change and for many become more serious. Issues such as underage drinking, drugs, sexting, cyber-bullying, Internet addiction, anxiety and depression can cause angst and insecurity for even the most confident parents. Some of these issues haven’t changed since we ourselves were teenagers, others are arriving sooner, and there are many 21st century challenges we have no experience with at all.

Parenting teenagers can also be a joyful experience. As we learn to let go, we are rewarded with glimpses of the adults our teenagers will become.

From tweens to young adults

Whether your child has just started high school or is deciding on their next step after year 12, The Kids Are All Right provides a range of resources and support for parents of teenagers, including: