Ask an Expert Week – meet our experts

Meet the professionals who generously donated their time and expertise to Ask an Expert Week that ran in the last week of November on The Kids Are All Right.

Jocelyn Brewer

Jocelyn BrewerJocelyn Brewer is a registered psychologist dedicated to working with teenagers. She’s worked as a high school counsellor and has a private practice where she teaches young people techniques to manage anxiety and stress, improve self-esteem and body image, and develop time management skills.

Jocelyn is experienced and keenly interested in the relationship teenagers have with technology and social media.


Nathalie Brown

Nathalie BrownChildhood Behavioural Consultant Nathalie Brown has over 20 years of experience working with children and their families. Nathalie began her business, Easy Peasy Kids, to help parents and children form closer, more open relationships through improved communication, a deeper understanding of child development and advocating  play and emotional intelligence. Nathalie also works as a teenage mentor.


Paul Dillon

Paul DillonPaul Dillon is a drug and alcohol educator and commentator with 25 years experience. He is author of best selling book for parents ‘Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs’. Through his company, Drugs and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), Paul works with schools and organisations giving quality, up-to-the minute drug and alcohol education. He is considered one of Australia’s leading experts in his field and regularly appears in the media as a social commentator. See Paul’s blog for topical issues plus answers to questions he is regularly asked at his presentations.


Kate Edney

Kate EdneyKate Edney is Managing Director of Confidence Boost Tutoring, an after school student and holiday program tutoring service in Sydney. Since gaining an honours degree in Law, Kate has worked exclusively in the area of student tutoring. She is passionate about giving children the confidence to learn and enjoy their work. Kate enjoys teaching teenagers goal setting, motivation and good study habits. For more information visit the Confidence Boost website.


Dr Rani Ellison

Dr Rani EllisonDr Rani Ellison is a clinical psychologist who specialises in working with children and adolescents at Mindright private practice. She has worked with adolescents with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and social issues, as well as many other issues. She has worked with families for many years and has also worked at Wesley eating disorders inpatient unit, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Rani has published a paper on the Maudsley Model of family based treatment for anorexia nervosa and has presented at the Australian Family Therapy Conference.


Dr Ameerah Mattar

Dr Ameera MattarDr Ameerah Mattar is a compassionate and committed clinical psychologist at BodyMatters Australasia, an innovative clinic for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and unhealthy weight loss practices. While she treats clients with a range of mental health conditions, she is passionate about the field of eating disorders, and is keenly interested in the areas of restrictive eating, compulsive exercise and eating disorders in athletes. Read more about Ameerah or follow her on  Facebook.


Dannielle Miller

Dannielle MillerEducator, author and media commentator Dannielle Miller is an advocate for teenage girls. Recognising the extreme pressure many girls feel to be ‘hot and thin’, she created a series of workshops on body image, self-esteem and empowerment called Enlighten Education. The success of the workshops quickly grew, encompassing not only Australia, but New Zealand, Singapore and now the United States. Dannielle is author of the books for teen girls The Butterfly Effect and The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo. Prevention Magazine names her one of the Australia’s Most Inspiring Women. Learn more about Danielle at her website and at Enlighten Education.


Martine Oglethorpe

Martine OglethorpeMartine Oglethorpe is a parenting and technology speaker and blogger at Martine’s philosophy is: You will never take away every portal to the Internet in your child’s life … so talk and teach instead.

With a background in secondary school education and a Masters in counselling, Martine recognises the complex issues of raising teenagers in an online world, such as socialising online with your kids, safety, cyber-bullying, sexting and the law, digital self-harm, video gaming, social media, disconnecting and online privacy.


Sean Panambalana

Sean PanambalanaSean Panambalana is a psychologist and manager at a large NGO working with children, adolescence and families impacted by alcohol, drugs and gambling. He is highly experienced in teenage issues having worked as psychologist in residence for the Federal government’s teenage relationship website, ‘The Line’. Sean has a private practice in Sydney’s north. For more information email


Dr Michelle Pritchard

Dr Michelle PritchardDr Michelle Pritchard is a clinical psychologist and director of Mindright. She is also a parent to two young children and has worked as a clinical psychologist in child and adolescent mental health for the past 12 years. She has a particular interest in working with adolescents experiencing depression, low self-esteem, self-harm and oppositional defiant disorder.


Stefanie Schwartz

Stefanie SchwartzStefanie Schwartz is a child and adolescent clinical psychologist who offers group therapy to children and young people. She is skilled in cognitive behavioural therapy and family therapy, and has worked for the world-renowned eating disorders clinic The Centre for Clinical Interventions in Western Australia. To learn more visit



Collett Smart

Collett SmartCollett Smart is a Sydney based psychologist, qualified teacher, media speaker, writer and mum of three. She is particularly interested in teenagers and issues related to technology such as online addiction, gaming, sexting and social media use. Collett’s book on raising boys is due for release in 2014. To learn more about Collett, her blog, and seminars go to


Matty Silver

Matty SilverMatty Silver is a relationships counsellor and sex therapist. As a regular writer for Fairfax titles, Matty proves that no subject is too taboo to talk about it. One of her concerns for teenagers today is the easy access and widespread viewing of pornography. In her article Planet Porn she suggests schools should be talking about porn during sex education classes to give young people more realistic information and expectations. Matty is available for private and telephone consultations at


Liz Walker

Liz WalkerLiz Walker is a sexologist, speaker, educator and founder of Youth Wellbeing Project. Advocating for healthy sexuality, Liz is a regular speaker at schools throughout Australia and the creator of the successful high school program, GET A GRIP teenz: an educational program on self-awareness, smart choices and sexuality. Liz coaches teens in the areas of sexuality, relationships, drugs and alcohol, and provides professional workshops for parents, educators and youth workers. For further information go to or for sex education support, sign up at to receive free resources delivered straight to your inbox.


Greg Whitby

Greg WhitbyGreg Whitby was named by Bulletin Magazine as the most innovative educator in Australia. He is the author of Educating Gen Wi-Fi, which draws on his 30 years educational experience and argues for the need to radically rethink the nature of learning and teaching in a connected world. Greg is the Executive Director of Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta in Sydney and says his goal is to make schooling relevant in the lives of students. Learn more about Greg’s ideas by visiting his blog or by following him on Twitter.