Teenagers – independence vs boundaries

By Jodi Benveniste. Do you remember being a teenager? It’s an intense time! There’s a heady mix of excitement at being more independent and grown up but also so much uncertainty and insecurity because we’re not yet sure of who we are and our place in the world. It’s a very challenging developmental stage. Our.. Read more

The Aussie software helping teens get more out of their screen time

Would you like to have more of an insight into how your teen is using their online time, but spying on them using tracking software is not your style? How would you like a tool that helps your kids manage their time online so they’re better able to balance their productivity with their downtime? An.. Read more

Is an apprenticeship right for your teenager?

By Robbie Reddie. In today’s competitive work environment, it helps to get on-the-job experience and training at an early age. One option for young people is to become an apprentice. Apprenticeship allows students to gain professional insight and training in a particular industry, while at the same time building up credits towards a qualification. And.. Read more

Teen idol – when does a celebrity crush become an obsession?

By Phuong Hua. Just one week remains until boy band One Direction begin their ‘On the Road Again’ tour in Australia. Many parents of teenage girls are probably anticipating a media frenzy and crowds of screaming adolescents like the kind of pandemonium on display when Justin Bieber appeared on Sunrise five years ago. He was.. Read more

Getting motivated for senior high school

By Sacha Kaluri. Have you ever had a long extended break from work? Doesn’t it bring out the best in you? You let go of all that stress and the ‘fun and relaxed’ you comes back to life. Then it’s the last week of your holidays and you start to count down the days before.. Read more

How to talk to your teenager about their future

By Lauren Vogel, PhD. Your teenager was probably five years old when you first asked them what they want to be when they grow up. But the conversation really needs to step up a notch once they hit high school. And it’s not always the easiest conversation to have. What you want for your children.. Read more

Voice recognition software giving students the edge

Sponsored. Us Gen X parents may wonder if our kids really need voice recognition software to help them study and complete homework, when we got by with a foolscap binder, a Bic 4-colour biro and some Liquid Paper. Fortunately for our kids, us Gen X parents would rather burn our Abba/The Cure/Nirvana vinyl collection than.. Read more

Parents of boys – share your thoughts

My name is Lisa, I’m a writer and a parent of three boys. My eldest is almost 14 and as a parent of a teenage boy I see a tiny taste of his life and of the emotional and physical challenges that face him. I also get frustrated with how he approaches these challenges and.. Read more

Reader question – ‘My 14 yo keeps leaving home’

RM asks: I have a 14-year-old daughter who keeps leaving home. She is in a social network with girls 16/17 years old and moving from family to family. This time she is stating she is being abused by me (mother) and brothers aged 16 and 20. Of course this is all lies to get families.. Read more

Getting teenagers to read in the digital age

Contributed by Jay Ong in collaboration with Bookworld. Teenagers are bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of information and media that is meant to be consumed in the quickest way possible. From tweets to Snapchat messages which only last a short amount of time, kids are being conditioned to rapidly process information where anything longer.. Read more