Ask an Expert: How do I support my teen who is dealing with depression among her friends

Are we seeing a greater level of mental health issues in student populations? Is social media a contributing factor? Even if your child isn’t suffering herself how do you support her when she is dealing with issues of depression etc amongst her friendship group? I believe that every generation has worried about the one coming.. Read more

Ask an Expert: What is the parent’s role when a teenager is in counselling?

When young people see counsellors and psychologists there are times when parents are included in the conversations but often the door is closed and as a parent you have to trust the professional to guide your teen. I have been lucky to find good help for my daughter, I know if I need to ask.. Read more

Ask an Expert: Why do teenagers self-harm and how can we help?

My son started cutting himself this week. He cut his upper arm on purpose. I took him to the doctor as I’ve heard of this happening before to other kids and it doesn’t surprise me that he did it because of his behaviour in the past. But I really would like to understand why they.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Are teens addicted to gaming more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs?

Are teenagers who become addicted to gaming more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs? This is a difficult question to answer as research on the impacts of gaming is in its infancy and few conclusions about how ‘addictive’ gaming actually is have been drawn. The range of different games available for people to.. Read more

Ask an Expert: My daughter eats nothing all day

I’m worried about my daughter’s eating habits. She has been eating nothing from waking up to getting home from school, when she will stuff herself and then not eat dinner, or – if I am around to manage it – eat a bit of afternoon tea and then at least two serves of dinner. Is.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Is my teen addicted to gaming?

I need advice on gaming addiction. My 15-year-old son is a little too involved in gaming and of late has become withdrawn. Help. Gaming has become an integral part of teen socialisation. They connect with their friends and engage in gaming as an extension of already formed friendships at school or elsewhere. Games are fun.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Should you have condoms in your house for your teens?

Should you have condoms available in your home for teens to access? Having a very honest and open discussion with your teenager about sex and protection is crucial, the earlier the better. Parents should not wait until their child asks but bring up the topic before they are old enough to have sex. To remain.. Read more

Ask an Expert – How can I keep my daughter safe at schoolies week?

My daughter is going to Schoolies Week. I’m really worried about excess drinking, drugs and unsafe sex. How can I help her keep safe and how do I even talk to her about all of this !!!! If your daughter is going to schoolies week look at it as an opportunity – most probably the.. Read more

Letter to a homesick teenager

12 Australian teen experts in one place, for one week, answering parents’ questions, FREE Ask an Expert Week, 25-29 November 2013 By Rachel Hynes. My eldest daughter, aged 15, is one week into a 10 week student exchange to France. The homesickness and culture shock has hit hard. It is so heartwrenching being on the.. Read more

Fitting, buying, caring for bras {Giveaway}

Sales assistants whipping open curtains, frayed straps and tangled underwear drawers. Oh yes, there’s an ugly side to buying, wearing and caring for bras. Most of which we find out the hard way. For some essential wisdom to pass on to our teenage daughters, we turned to a woman who seriously loves bras. So much.. Read more