Is an apprenticeship right for your teenager?

By Robbie Reddie. In today’s competitive work environment, it helps to get on-the-job experience and training at an early age. One option for young people is to become an apprentice. Apprenticeship allows students to gain professional insight and training in a particular industry, while at the same time building up credits towards a qualification. And.. Read more

How to talk to your teenager about their future

By Lauren Vogel, PhD. Your teenager was probably five years old when you first asked them what they want to be when they grow up. But the conversation really needs to step up a notch once they hit high school. And it’s not always the easiest conversation to have. What you want for your children.. Read more

Getting teenagers to read in the digital age

Contributed by Jay Ong in collaboration with Bookworld. Teenagers are bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of information and media that is meant to be consumed in the quickest way possible. From tweets to Snapchat messages which only last a short amount of time, kids are being conditioned to rapidly process information where anything longer.. Read more

Keeping teenagers safe around open fires and barbecues

By Jay Ong. Just a couple of months ago, two Toowoomba teenagers, Matthew (Matt) Richards and Paris Turkington were seriously burned at a party after an unknown accelerant was poured onto an open fire. Quick thinking friends immediately threw Paris into the swimming pool, saving her life; and rolled Matt in the dirt to extinguish.. Read more

Ask an Expert: Are we equipping our children to adequately cope with the world?

With our current ‘bubble wrap’ approach to raising our children, their limited opportunities for exploration, imagination and risk taking in their lives are we equipping them to adequately cope with the world? Kids need to learn resilience. They need to learn how to fail. Society generally sees failure as a negative thing, but through failure.. Read more

Ask an Expert: Do I let my partying teenager fail at school and be responsible for her own mistakes?

My daughter is very bright, but is disinterested in doing anything but partying and having a good time. She is in year 10 and is in danger of failing (we’ll find out soon). I cannot get through to her how important school is. Sometimes I think I should just let her learn the hard way,.. Read more

Ask an Expert – How can I keep my daughter safe at schoolies week?

My daughter is going to Schoolies Week. I’m really worried about excess drinking, drugs and unsafe sex. How can I help her keep safe and how do I even talk to her about all of this !!!! If your daughter is going to schoolies week look at it as an opportunity – most probably the.. Read more

Unique parent and teen holiday activity {sponsored}

Coming up with new and interesting things to do with my teenager is a bit of a favourite pastime. In the past few years, we’ve done: Zumba – unsuccessful, due to fellow Zumbite who didn’t understand personal space and my teen’s dislike of dancing high tea at the Queen Victoria Building – successful due to.. Read more

Teenager’s guide to babysitting – Updated

Babysitting is one of the most popular jobs for teenagers. There is no legal age for when a teenager may start babysitting, and parents are probably the best judge of whether their child is ready and responsible enough. How to find babysitting work for teenagers Having a connection with the family that requires babysitting is.. Read more

Pocket money for teenagers

By Joely Mitchell. How much pocket money is enough for your teenager? What should their allowance cover? Should parents continue to pay for their kids’ mobile phone bills and clothes, or should teenagers be expected to pay for these out of their own monthly allowance, to teach them budgeting skills? There are many ways for.. Read more