Safe driving course – what to expect

By Cameron Graham. A few weeks ago my son Charles (aged 19) and I did the AAMI Skilled Driver Course.  It was a bit weird for me because I was the only 40+ participant.  The rest were between 18 and 23.  Charles has his green Ps and I regard him as a fairly good driver… Read more

How to write a stand-out resume for teenagers

Thanks to technology, being a teenager is more expensive than ever before. As always, many young people are relying on part-time jobs to fund their lifestyle. But the teenage job market is a competitive one. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 41% (or 595,000) of Australia’s 1.4 million full-time students aged 15-24 years work.. Read more

Australian Teenage Expo 2013

The Kids Are All Right will be giving away an iPad Mini to one lucky person who attends the 2013 Australian Teenage Expo. Look for the Parents Cheat Sheet postcard in the showbag for all the details on how to enter. Once you’ve entered the competition, stick the postcard to your fridge so you always.. Read more

Drama classes and acting for teenagers

Drama and other performance activities can be great for developing a teenager’s self-confidence, creativity, the ability to work in a team and the ability to work through a problem to achieve a goal. In the right environment, it will encourage self-discovery and should also be a whole lot of fun. There are many studies citing.. Read more

Stop fighting! I am hurt

By Eva, aged 15. Today, I want to talk about a very serious thing that occurs in most family. That’s the affect to children from their parents. What parents are doing is what their children are doing. If you are happy, then I will be happy. But if you always sad, keep fighting with each.. Read more

Parents shouldn’t have unreasonable expectations for their children

By Spinner, aged 14. Dear Mum/Dad, I would like to tell you that the pressure you have placed on me has made me confused.  I am confused about where my future lies, what I should become, and I don’t know who I am anymore. Remember that day mum and dad, when you had an argument.. Read more

e-gift cards and last minute gifts for teenagers

We think last minute gifts can’t really be called ‘last minute’ unless it’s procured just before you run out the door. The only thing that really qualifies are online gift cards, or to be clear – e-gift cards – and more and more retailers are catering to the unorganised shopper by offering this brilliant solution… Read more

Teaching your teenager responsibility in personal finance

By Jules Shiells [Sponsored Post]. Personal finance is not the most exciting topic for most teenagers. However, good personal finance skills can be instilled at a young age, and responsibility exercised during adolescence often persists into adulthood. Ideally, you will have started practicing financial management with your children at the time of their first piggy.. Read more

The social media background check: why your teen needs to be careful now

By Katie Adema. Grace* is in her early twenties and has just applied for a job. For her first round interview, she was asked to bring a print out of every single one of her social network profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. She was also asked to identify any contact with media that.. Read more

Essentials for working teenagers

By Brenda Fry. There are lots of issues to consider if your teenager is starting work, from tax rules to balancing work and school commitments. Here are the top things we think you should know as a parent of a working teenager. Paying tax Your teenager will need a tax file number (TFN), otherwise their.. Read more