The new Twitter joke – #followateen

By Rachel Hynes. A recent Internet joke saw adults following a random teenager on Twitter, and then updating followers on their teen’s life using the hashtag #followateen. A few people may have described the meme as condescending, but as a parent of a teenager it gave me a few chuckles. You’re not really allowed to.. Read more

How to save money without really noticing

[Sponsored] If you’re looking for effective ways to save a little more out of each pay cheque, start by looking for ways to reduce your expenditure. There are many small things you can save on each month that will add up over time. Here are a few ways to save money without having to dramatically.. Read more

Mobile bill horror, and a mother’s revenge

By Rachel Hynes. I’ve written before about my daughter’s tendency to blow out the capped mobile plan: Happy birthday SMS, hope you enjoyed your gift. Well, it’s happened again. This time it’s the new breed of Internet radio to blame. And my teenager of course. This month, Ms 15 racked up $550 in data charges.. Read more

Social media does not make you a horrible person

From your comments on our post Are our kids the me, me, me generation? it’s clear that people feel strongly about the role of social media in our world. Some of you believe adults are just as guilty of living their lives bent over an iPhone; others feel we are entitled to spend our down.. Read more

Talking to teenagers about drugs and alcohol – ‘The Other Talk’

The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) has launched a new website to help parents have ‘The Other Talk’ with their children about alcohol and other drugs. The website,, provides tips on how to talk to teenagers about drugs and alcohol and information to help arm parents with facts. “Drugs are often still a taboo subject.. Read more

How to reconnect with your teenager

By Sacha Kaluri. Being a parent of teenagers who just want to live their own lives can be hard work. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of touch with your teenagers lately, it is possible to reconnect with the children who were once your babies. In my job visiting schools around Australia and talking.. Read more

Argumentative teenagers and ODD – when is it time to get help?

By Brenda Fry and Rachel Hynes. Many parents will experience their teenagers being argumentative, defiant, angry and disobedient to varying degrees during the adolescent years. For some children, though, these behaviours are intense and long-lasting enough to be classified as oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD. ODD affects children and teenagers and is characterised by an.. Read more

“I treat them how I would like to have been treated” Reader spotlight – Storm

The Kids Are All Right forum member Storm spends more time with her teenagers than most of us do, as she home schools. It’s just as well she loves her kids’ company so much! As she says, even if they weren’t related they’d be the kind of people she’d like to hang out with. Storm.. Read more

How technology will change how we parent, for the better

By Rachel Hynes. The McAfee Tweens, Teens and Technology Report, launched this week, reveals the online behaviour of 8- to 12-year-olds in Australia. One finding that really stood out for me was this: An 8-year-old is adopting technology as fast as a 16-year-old. I would consider myself fairly tech savvy, but my teenager leaves me.. Read more

Craptacular Mother’s Day gifts we have known

By Rachel Hynes. As my teenager gets older, her Mother’s Day gifts edge further towards something I might buy myself rather than something I might donate to a goodwill store. But I will always remember with great fondness those funny little presents she brought home from her school’s Mother’s Day stalls. I love imagining what.. Read more