Blogging good for anxious teens

Teens suffering from social anxiety may find that blogging improves their self-esteem and helps them relate better to friends. We know that writing a personal diary and other forms of expressive writing are a great way to release emotional distress and feel better. But new research published by the American Psychological Association claims that writing.. Read more

Arguments at school may cause arguments at home

The next time you and your teen have an argument on a school night, take the opportunity to check-in on what’s happened for your child during the school day. Chances are they’ve already had a war of words with friends before arriving home. A new study has found that that adolescents have more arguments with.. Read more

Who’s ‘sexting’ who?

Despite parental concerns and media hype, a new study is claiming that the practice of ‘sexting’ is not particularly common amongst teenagers. The University of New Hampshire found that about 1% of surveyed teens had participated in ‘sexting’ – sending sexually explicit images via mobile phone or internet – in the past year. Researchers surveyed.. Read more

Australian teens pressured to ‘sext’

Teenage boys and girls report experiencing media and peer pressure to share sexual images via mobile phones, a practice known as ‘sexting’. Preliminary findings from a University of Melbourne study revealed young people believe a highly sexualised media culture bombarded them with sexualised images, creating pressure to engage in sexting. The boys interviewed for the.. Read more

Teens with more screen time have lower quality relationships

The more time teens spend watching television or playing on a computer, the more likely they are to report difficulty forming a relationship or emotional bond with their parents. The risk of having low attachment to parents increased 4 per cent for every hour spent viewing television and 5 per cent for every hour spent.. Read more

Early sex may lead to less antisocial behaviour later

Teens who have sex at an early age may not be on the path to self-ruin, but it seems the outcomes might be more positive for those in a committed relationship rather than indulging in casual sex. RELATED: Teenagers and sex – are they emotionally ready? A study has found that teens who have sex.. Read more

‘Mum, Dad… I’m gay.’ What happens next?

How would you react if your teenager approached you one day with the news they are gay? Even the most understanding and liberal-minded parents may be caught off-guard, and not know what to think, say or do next. Most parents will hold fears for their child, and perhaps even themselves, concerned about what others might.. Read more