Ask an Expert: What advice do you have for parents in interacting with their children’s high school?

What advice do you have for parents in interacting with their children’s high school? Technology has opened the doors for schools to have a greater connection with parents than previously possible. It’s no longer adequate or desirable to have two meetings a year. Parents want and need to know how their child is progressing at.. Read more

Ask an Expert: How positive do you feel about this generation of students?

How positive do you feel about the abilities and personalities of the current generation of students? The capabilities and creativity of young people constantly amazes me but doesn’t surprise me. From the one year olds who learn how to swipe and engage with apps on an iPad to the students who are creating purposeful projects.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Teen feels like failure next to high-achieving friends

As a parent I have often despaired that I have sent my daughter to a school which appears to value academic achievement above all else. How do I support a child who, although bright, constantly feels like a failure because she doesn’t rate herself as highly as the kids who are lauded for getting As?.. Read more

The heavy responsibility of choosing the right school

By Emma Toomey. As the first day of the school year looms large there is the usual nervous buzz of anticipation – stationery is bought, haircuts are had, uniforms are sorted and old pencil cases are salvaged. But this year at our house there is a palpable anxiety … at least for me. Our three.. Read more

Avoiding the back-to-school shopping extravaganza

By Rachel Hynes. The “back-to-school” season is sandwiched between Christmas and Easter and is fast becoming as big a retail event and wallet drain. This year, I have two kids doing the back-to-school shop. We are lucky enough to live very near an Officeworks. And I do mean lucky – I dash up there for.. Read more

From science star to scuffles – my boy’s first year at high school

Guest post by Kayley Harris, mum of three. There comes a time in a young man’s life when his thoughts turn to…well…anything but schoolwork. My middle son, Mr 13, is about to start year 8 and the novelty of high school has well and truly worn off. In the final months of primary school, he.. Read more

Testing the test: NAPLAN makes for stressed kids and a narrow curriculum

By Nicky Dulfer, University of Melbourne. NAPLAN tests – the literacy and numeracy tests given to primary and secondary students – are causing health problems and promoting a culture of “teaching to the test”. A national study released today surveyed around 8,300 teachers and found the tests had unintended consequences, particularly on how the curriculum.. Read more

Selective schools and missing out

Places at selective schools in Australia are limited and highly competitive. For every student that is offered a place, many more will need to consider plan B. And if children have undertaken months of practice tests and other intense preparation for the selective schools test, or are experiencing pressure either from their parents or self-imposed,.. Read more

Who mucked up Muck Up Day?

By Jane Caro, University of Western Sydney. “Most schools used to call it Muck Up Day, but we saw that as being something negative.” So said year 12 co-ordinator Annette Hall of Presbyterian Ladies’ College – one of many schools who have changed the name given to end of year festivities for graduating students to.. Read more

Limited numbers: what university rankings can (and can’t) tell us

By Gwilym Croucher, University of Melbourne. The release of The Times Higher Education World University Rankings will be welcomed by many people in the Australian university sector. See the full list of The Times Higher Education World University Ranking here View rankings by region Australia now has eight universities in the top 200, one more.. Read more