Tom ‘Will it Blend?’ Dickson and his gift of ADHD

By Rachel Hynes. Engineer Tom Dickson  is the man behind the Blendtec blender and the most successful viral marketing campaign of all time. His series of ‘Will it Blend?’ videos have been viewed 200 million times on YouTube, and in the process of demonstrating the robustness of his blender, he has successfully blended an iPhone,.. Read more

Anxious kids not learning: the real effects of NAPLAN

By Greg Thompson, Murdoch University Australian teachers are not convinced that NAPLAN improves the reading and maths skills of students. Over the next week, NAPLAN results will be arriving at students’ homes around Australia. But new research released today shows some worrying effects from NAPLAN testing. Seven out of 10 teachers did not see that.. Read more

Supporting ‘gifted and talented’ students

By Zoe Ganim and Murray Evely from Psych4Schools. A recent inquiry into gifted students in Victoria found that a large number were ‘dumbing down’ in order to fit in. This is not isolated to Victoria. It is an Australia-wide issue. These children are often bored and frustrated, acting out in the classroom or in some.. Read more

The rumble in the jungle: Single-sex vs coeducational schooling

By Andrew Whitehouse, University of Western Australia I have a confession to make…I went to an all-boys private school. Go on, admit it. You just judged me a little bit, didn’t you? I can’t blame you. Looking back – and even at the time – the whole experience was a tad surreal. At 12 years.. Read more

School suspension counterproductive

A Professor of Psychology wants schools to stop using suspension as a disciplinary tactic, saying it is counterproductive. “Schools might need to rethink the way they discipline children, because commonly used practices such as detention and suspension may do more harm than good,” says Professor Sheryl Hemphill from Australian Catholic University. Studies have found that.. Read more

20 things teacher wants to say to parents

By Paul Whitehead. Can we have an honest conversation? I promise, I am not “representing the teaching fraternity” by writing this… I haven’t consulted with my colleagues; in fact they may well feel VERY differently from the views I express here. I do want to express some of my thoughts from my own teaching experiences.. Read more

Parents and kids stressed about NAPLAN, according to Google search

‘my kid stressed about naplan’ It’s interesting to occasionally look at the Google search terms people use to reach this website. This week, NAPLAN was hands down the most common search theme, appearing in a quarter of all the search queries. Some further observations: Searching was more frequent earlier in the week, as parents presumably.. Read more

Don’t boycott NAPLAN! Turning our back skews good data

By Barry McGaw, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, Melbourne Graduate School of Education at University of Melbourne. A small but vocal group is calling on parents to withdraw their children from the National Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests. But if this call is successful and enough children are pulled, parents will not obtain the information that.. Read more

Tens of thousands of students in alternative education

by Justin Norrie, Editor of The Conversation. More than 33,000 disenfranchised young Australians are taking part in at least 400 “non-conventional schooling” programs, according to the largest ever national survey of students who have fallen out of the regular schooling system. A report commissioned by the Dusseldorp Skills Forum into alternative education courses in Australia.. Read more

How to make the most of parent teacher nights

Parent teacher nights can be stressful experiences. Both for your teenager, who may be sitting there nervously waiting for the guillotine to drop, and for yourselves, as you struggle to find your way around an unfamiliar campus, to line up for a few minutes with a teacher, only to find you’ve missed your slot because.. Read more