Getting teenagers to read in the digital age

Contributed by Jay Ong in collaboration with Bookworld. Teenagers are bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of information and media that is meant to be consumed in the quickest way possible. From tweets to Snapchat messages which only last a short amount of time, kids are being conditioned to rapidly process information where anything longer.. Read more

Keeping teenagers safe around open fires and barbecues

By Jay Ong. Just a couple of months ago, two Toowoomba teenagers, Matthew (Matt) Richards and Paris Turkington were seriously burned at a party after an unknown accelerant was poured onto an open fire. Quick thinking friends immediately threw Paris into the swimming pool, saving her life; and rolled Matt in the dirt to extinguish.. Read more

Share the Cleaning Week 2 – Lazy? Or just disinterested?

By Emma Toomey. 74% of mums say their teenager is extremely, very or somewhat lazy, according to the recent Newspoll VIVA Share the Cleaning Survey. But are our kids lazy? Or just disinterested? Remember, this was a survey about cleaning. No one wants to clean. If it had been a survey about how often your.. Read more

Share the Cleaning Week 1 – Breaking the news to the kids

By Emma Toomey. There is a great, untapped source of cleaning help in the family home that us mums simply are not taking advantage of. The TEENAGER. The VIVA Share the Cleaning survey showed that mums spend on average 14.5 hours per week doing household chores versus teenagers who spend 1.5 hours. (I’d be really.. Read more

BlossyBloom bras – because girls are perfect the way they are

[Sponsored] Two years ago, Josie Chapman took her 11-year-old daughter shopping for her first bra. It was not the special event it could have been. Josie refused to buy her daughter a padded bra, and anything mum liked, the tween rejected as something her Nanna would wear. They simply could not find a bra that.. Read more

Help your teenager chase their career dream

At some point in high school most teenagers will start to think about what to do as a career. But young people can feel confused and lost in all the choices. They might like the sound of earning good money, but we also know to be happy in a career we need to feel good.. Read more

4 steps to take if your teenager is being cyber-bullied

Cyber-bullying is an ongoing issue for young Australians, with 1 in 4 children from year 4 to year 9 reporting that they have been bullied online [1]. Parentline defines bullying as the deliberate psychological, emotional and/or physical harassment of one person by another person or group. It can include exclusion from peer groups, intimidation, extortion,.. Read more

Australian Teenage Expo 2012

Teenagers and their parents will be flocking to the Melbourne Showgrounds to soak up the information and entertainment on offer at the Australian Teenage Expo 2012, from Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September. The event is run by Sacha Kaluri and Sonya Karras, who have been delivering educational and motivational sessions for teenagers around.. Read more